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Any Macintosh with FPU, or PowerPC System 7.5 or greater. Supported platforms: The following versions (and higher) of: Premiere 4.0, Cubase-VST 3.02, Peak 1.5, WaveConvert Pro 2.01, Pro Tools 4.0 (TDM and AudioSuite), SoundEdit 16 V2.0, Deck II 2.5, Digi

Last Updated: 1998-11-04
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Software Description

The ideal audio plug-in for attenuating high frequency ‘ess’ sounds - perfect for editing solo vocal takes and instrumentals. Using simple controls and dynamic graphic interface, either BandPass or HighPass SideChain filter-modes can be selected to isolate specific 'ess' sounds for attenuation. Factory presets are included for male and female voices, including wide and narrow focus for "ess" and "shh" sounds. DeEsser's low CPU requirements make it super-quick and easy to use. DeEsser includes sharp filters in the SideChain, an energy detector hard knee compressor and a crossover filter. DeEsser features wideband or split audio-modes for attenuating either the entire audio or just high range frequencies.

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