ConcreteFX DebaserDemo
by ConcreteFX
(ConcreteFX Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 616 KB
License Conditions:

Demo version only works for 10 minutes.Registration: US$50.00

System Requirements:

8MB, 300MHZ computer, VST Host, Sound Card

Last Updated: 2003-02-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

ConcreteFX, a new company specializing in VST plugins and synthesisers, are proud to announced the release of the Debaser VST plugin.

Debaser is a flexible multi-fx VST plugin that is capable of generating a
vast variety of unique effects, everything from amp simulation to complex

- 4 FX units, which can be combined in 12 different arrangements

- Feedback between input/output or any of the 4 FX units

- Each FX units can be using one of following 32 effect: autopan, autowah, band distort, bypass, chorus, clamp, comb filter, compressor, delay, 5 band equalizer, 12/24db multi-mode filter, FM, inverter, limiter, mono, noise, noise-gate, peak distort, phaser, pitch shifter, quantization, rectifier, reverb, reverse, ring mod, sign, slicer, speaker simulator, squarize, subsynth, tempo delay, wahwah and wavewarper

- Full stereo / 96 KHz / 24 bit sound quality

- Midi automation of the controls

- 80 presets and full manual

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