DelayPack v1.4.0
by [CodeOperator]
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Operating System:
File Size: 15.4 MB
License Conditions:

Only allows one instance of a Plug-In to work at the same time and the effect sound will be cut for 10 sec every 3 min.. Registration: US$69.95

System Requirements:

DelayPack is made with Pluggo-MAX/MSP from cycling74. You need to install the Pluggo-Runtime to use DelayPack.

Last Updated: 2007-05-09
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Delaypack is a plug-in package. It will include several Delay-types.

Plug-ins included

  • COSimpleDelay - a delay up to 5s, with Feedback, Feedback-HP/LP and HP/LP
  • COSpectralDelay5 - a 5 band spektral delay with feedback
  • COModulationDelay - a delay with modulation (flanger/chorus/ringmodulation)
  • CODuckingDelay - a ducking delay
  • COPingPongDelay - 5 delay-lines with individual pan
  • COSpecialDelay - Delay with count and a modulation matrix
  • COShapingDelay - Now you can modulate delaytime, Low/Highpassfilter via LFO.
  • COTapeDelay - a Tape delay emulation with waveshaper, 3 tapeheads.
  • CODirtyDelay - Delay with LoFi and modulation
  • COEclipseDelay - 2 Delay per channel with bandpass and modulation

New in v1.4.0

  • Bug fix: CODirtyDelay LFO sync.
  • Bug fix: COPingPongDelay tempo sync.
  • Bug fix: CODuckingDelay "Output Level".
  • Bug fix: COTapeDelay "Dry/Wet Mix".
  • Bug fix: COSpecialDelay "LoFi" and "toLeft".
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