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Last Updated: 2014-08-25
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Software Description

Denemo is a music notation program for Linux and Windows that lets you rapidly enter notation for typesetting via the LilyPond music engraver. Music can be typed in at the PC-Keyboard, or played into a microphone plugged into your computer's soundcard.

Denemo itself does not engrave the music - it uses LilyPond which generates beautiful sheet music to the highest publishing standards. Denemo just displays the music so you can enter and edit the music efficiently.


  • Logically arranged menus to locate any particular command - once found the keypress is displayed with the command.
  • Complete, quick and easy control over which keypress to use for any particular Denemo command.
  • Help for every command on the menu item itself - just right click. Playing back your music while the measures scroll on the screen. Midi output.
  • PDF output, with a choice of parts, full score, reduced score - all the control that the LilyPond language supplies. Output of excerpts as graphics (.png format) for inclusion in documents, web pages etc.
  • Multiple movements/songs in one Denemo file.
  • Entering music following rhythmic patterns - type in the rhythm once and you need only type in the notes in future when the same rhythm recurs.
  • Playing music in via microphone - the notes played are detected and entered according to the prevailing rhythm, or overlaying a rhythm previously entered.
  • Files of Templates and Examples showing you how to exploit LilyPond features. An extreme example - a cue in one part extracted from another part. Should you edit the first part, the cue changes automatically! As usual, Denemo does not display the cue, only a sign telling you what LilyPond is doing.
  • A musical instrument tuner - in fact, probably the best. Temperaments include mean-tone and the Lehman temperament for J.S. Bach.

New features in v1.1.8:

  • Improved Spanners
  • Enhanced Lyrics
  • Improved Text and Graphics
  • Custom Ornament Symbols
  • Custom Barlines
  • Chord Charts with symbols, barlines, repeats, text markings, pauses etc..

New features in v1.1.6:

  • Lyrics Interface
  • Cursor on music moves to match cursor in lyrics
  • Jump to any point in the lyrics by mouse or keyboard
  • The inactive pane (lyrics or music) clearly indicated by graying-out
  • Margins Control
  • Set top, bottom, left and right margins in mm.
  • Tweaking Typesetting
  • Individual notes, chords and rests can be tweaked
  • Accidentals and markings move with the note
  • Fingerings can be offset
  • For use when LilyPond is sub-optimal
  • Fret Diagrams
  • Chords typeset as fret diagrams
  • Defaults to Guitar
  • Can be used with Chord Names too
  • Comprehensive Musical Symbol Support
  • Menu access to the complete set of LilyPond music symbols
  • Over 600 types of music glyphs can be placed and dragged on the score
  • More Ornamentation Support
  • Coul├ęs
  • Arp├Ęgements
  • Suspensions
  • Editing Timer
  • Displays time spent creating a score
  • Accumulates over all editing sessions

New features in v1.1.2:

  • Links to source files can be relative to current score location
  • Transcribing from MIDI
  • Play in to a click track.
  • Enter rhythm afterwards.
  • Guided MIDI import
  • Durations can be checked as they are entered.
  • Support for LilyPond 2.18
  • Old scores are updated for incompatible syntax.
  • Re-shaping/Re-positioning Ties
  • Both WYSIWYG and tweaking width/height/convexity.
  • LilyPond View Improvements
  • Bracket Matching.
  • Line numbering visible.
  • Cursor position highlighted.

New features in v1.0.6:

  • Direct import of music XML.
  • Improved Rhythm Entry
  • Combined Key Signatures
  • Search and Edit
  • More Wysiwyg facilties
  • Adjust padding of fermata, trills etc
  • Various other changes and fixes

New features in v1.0.4:

  • MIDI playback
  • Note Entry by PC-keyboard Improved
  • Learner mode
  • More translations
  • Double-Clicking for Help
  • Various bugfixes

New features in version1.0.2:

  • Enhanced Wysiwyg
  • Dragging now shows the object as you drag moving over the score
  • Dragging of objects attached to notes can now be done
  • Reshape Slurs
  • Chord Symbols
  • Place chords on a separate staff and have them automatically typeset as Chord Symbols
  • Various bug fixes
  • Octave playback bug fixed

New features in version 0.8.22:

  • Playback Improvements
    playback in historic tunings, microtonal music playback.
    mute selected voices during playback

  • Denemo Display improvements
    Whole Measure Rests fills measure for all timesignatures
    Upbeat (Anacrusis, pickup) command now fills measure
    Vector graphics for Directives [[Graphics Fonts]]
    Fully justified page display.
    Better display for 1-line staffs (e.g. Drum staff)

  • Breve, Longa notes and rests<
    Prevailing duration applies to Breve, Longa, Plain chant etc [[Prevailing Duration]]

  • Template for Accordion Shifts
  • Improved Handling of Voices
  • More Printing Controls
    Change/override the printed measure numbering
    Hide single printed objects (notes/chords, timesignatures, keysignatures, clefs)
    Hide linear section of notes or the stafflines (or both).
    Breath mark
    "Mensurstriche" / Mensural Barlines switchable (printing)

  • Human-readable file format for Denemo files.
  • Tutorial
  • Bugfixes
    Chords sound all notes on entry
    Playback paging made reliable
    Check note pitches fixed
    Lyrics panes word wrap

New features in version 0.8.20:

  • Improved cursor, showing insert position and clearly distinguishing appending from editing/inserting
  • Two key keyboard shortcuts
  • MusicXML import
  • Improved LilyPond import
  • "NotationMagick": Scripts to generate, twist, randomize and shuffle music.

    * Twelve-Tone-Row (Schoenberg) Generator

    * Random Note insert. Variants: All diatonic, all chromatic, from a given pool, a complete pool at once (shuffled)

  • Bug Fixes

    * Grace notes on tuplets fixed.

    * Paste places non-note objects correctly.

  • Build options:

    * configure --disable-portaudio is now available, removes
    dependencies of portaudio, libsamplerate, fftw3 and
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