ConcreteFX Dicer 1.5
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The full version of Dicer is available for $50/€48/£35 from PayPal

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Host application.

Last Updated: 2003-11-01
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Software Description

Dicer is a PC VSTi beatslicer which can load in samples and then splits it into slices, each slice has it's own audio properties and can be triggered separately. Dicer can do everything from simple tempo alteration to complex phrase synthesis

Features of Dicer

  • loads in 16/24 bit mono & stereo wave and has wave preview
  • splits the input wave using up to to 32 slices, loops can be sliced using automatic beat detection, into equal parts or at 16th beats
  • each slice is triggerable by it's own key and can be output to up to 8 different stereo output channels
  • each slice has two instance with their own properties and you can set the trigger key for each slice either globally or individually
  • you can control the volume, pan, pitch, low / high filter, distortion , muting, looping, direction , output channel & choke group of each slice in both sets
  • the volume, pitch , pan & filters of each slice can be modulated by 8 LFO's and the volume , pitch, filters and sample position of each slice can be controlled by 8 twenty stage vari-slope envelopes
  • preview mode where all the slices can be played in order by pressing a key, this preview is autosynced to the host 's tempo. Preview works in single, looped or random mode.
  • midi export of slice positions and trigger notes
  • sample trimming
  • midi learn & midi automation of any slice's controls
  • full manual included


  • New GUI
  • FX Unit - added lo-fi FX and compressor FX unit.
  • Simplified exporting MIDI and samples.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
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