Diffusion 1.3.2
by Sinevibes
(Sinevibes Website)

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Operating System: Mac OS X
File Size: 924 KB
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
License Conditions:

Fully functional demo version (except for noise bursts every 20 seconds), registration is $19

System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.5 or later, 32 or 64 bit AudioUnit instrument host application that supports Cocoa user interface technology

Last Updated: 2013-02-27
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Diffusion from Sinevibes is an AudioUnit instrument plugin designed to create motion waveshape synthesizer sounds.

Diffusion has a unique synthesizer engine which combines waveshaping and additive oscillators. It also has an advanced matrix sequencer which will give you over 400 parameter configurations per step.

Great sound engine will not work if you can't use it to it's full potential, which is why Diffusion makes all the synthesizer controls easily accessible via it's interface. With it's interface you can easily utilize the synthesizer engine to make clean and unique sounding synth and bass synth lines.


  • Agile tempo-sync sequencer with up to 32 steps
  • 6 waveshape transformation models
  • 6 additive waveforms
  • Dual monophonic oscillator
  • Intuitive and easy access interface
  • With randomization features for brave experimentation.
  • Preset patches and templates were designed for real world applications.

Changes in 1.3.2

  • New design for parameter slider.
  • New design for pattern rate selector.
  • Better oscillator detune slider design.
  • Better step on/off switch design.
  • Re-calibrated switch smoothing to prevent sound leakage between steps.
  • Re-calibrated waveform/model switch smoothing for more precise, click-free operation.
  • Bugfix for even/odd beat shades not updating with pattern rate change.
  • Added 10 new preset patches.

Changes in 1.3.1

  • New "arrow-style" slider controls.
  • Ruler-style step marker length variation to differentiate beats.
  • Improved processing efficiency.
  • Better step modulation level randomisation algorithm:
  • Added required Audio Unit format changes for OS X 10.7 and 10.8.
  • Removed support for Power PC processors and OS X 10.5.
  • 10 new preset patches and templates (for a total of 130).

Changes in 1.3.0

  • Redesigned GUI now with larger control elements, improved colors, shapes, and contrast.
  • Modulate Oscillator I / II balance via the envelope sequencer.
  • Fixed sound quality issue.
  • 10 new preset patches.

Changes in 1.1.1

  • 50% discount for two weeks
  • 20 new patches added to the sound library

Changes in 1.1

  • New design for most control elements
  • New harmonics controls
  • New stereo width controls
  • 15 New preset patches
  • Multiple enhancements
  • Improved user manual

Changes in 1.0.2

  • Moving sequencer position mark added
  • New presets added

Changes in 1.0.1

  • Better and clea interface with cleaner look
  • Horizontal sliders have new look
  • Alternating colors reflect the new step marks and time signature
  • Advanced envelope ļ¬ltering algorithm for snappier attack/decay the lowest envelope time settings
  • Comes with more preset patches and templates
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