DrumKit 6.3
by sambolec
(sambolec Website)

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System Requirements:

Android 2.1 or later

Last Updated: 2012-08-17
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Software Description

DrumKit is a fully customizable multi-touch virtual collection of drums and cymbals that allows you to play them on your Android device. Sounds are taken from real drum set.


  • free moving drum elements across the screen
  • 1 snare
  • 2 tom drums
  • 1 floor drum
  • 1 kick drum
  • 1 hi-hat cymbal
  • 1 crash cymbal
  • 1 ride cymbal

New in v6.3

  • added sound effect on drums (enable it from Menu)
  • few tweaks added
  • few bugs fixed

New in v4.2.6

  • Added support for SE Xperia
  • Added support for Galaxy Note

New in v4.1

  • added volume support

New in v4.0-beta

  • added animations to the drums set
  • Still in BETA, e-mail the nullapp with your feedback and comments

New in v3.1

  • changed graphic of hi-hat
  • added hi-hat pedal and open hi-hat to basic set
  • added china cymbal to basic set

New in v2.0.2

  • added new hi-hat
  • slightly response improvement
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