DrumStar v1.0.2
by Sonic Sidekick
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Operating System:
File Size: 1.4 MB
License Conditions:

Limited to a single instrument track. Registration: US$89.00

System Requirements:

VST host application.

Last Updated: 2007-11-09
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

DrumStar is a VST drum sampler and step sequencer for creating original drum patterns. The sampler can handle large complex sample libraries and their nuances. It contains several workflow improvements to speed up sample mapping including the ability to: drag multiple samples, create layers with a single button click, and set global values in one location using groups and subgroups.

The sequencer provides multiple ways of editing notes for a fast workflow. These include a note editor, where all settings for a single note can be changed without switching modes, a parameter lane, where a single parameter can be edited in the context of the track, and the pattern editor where velocity and timing can be adjusted by dragging existing notes. It also includes several randomization features so that patterns that can have subtle differences each time they play. It is tightly coupled with the sampler so that nuances such as the hit type are easy to adjust.

It also features skinning support to change background images and color schemes.


  • 20 instrument tracks allowing combinations of:

    - Up to 12 hit types.

    - Up to 128 velocity layers.

    - Up to 128 control layers.

    - Up to 128 crossfade layers.

    - Up to 128 round robin layers.

  • High quality sinc interpolation.
  • Multi sample drag and drop.
  • One button layer mapping.
  • Disk Streaming.
  • 8 Mute Groups with release control.
  • 4 Aux Outputs.
  • Groups and subgroups for setting shared values.


      • 24 Patterns.
      • 20 Instrument tracks.
      • Arrangements with up to 28 patterns.
      • 24 groove presets.
      • Adjustable beats and steps per pattern.
      • Random pattern variations including:

        - 4 random groups.

        - Alternate hit type.

        - Velocity.

        - Note skipping.

        - Timing.

        - Control level.

      • Drag finished patterns to host as wave files.


      • Tuning.
      • 5 band equalizer.
      • AHDSR envelope.
      • Saturation.

      New in v1.0.2

      • Arranger updated to allow easier inserting and deleting of patterns from a long chain.
      • Fixed note selection bug.
      • Skin changes are restored on restart.
      • Added arrangement banks.
      • Fixed stuttering audio in Live, Cubase.
      • Added 4 more Aux Sends for a total of 8.
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