DrumXchanger v1.4
by SPL
(SPL Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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Operating System:
File Size: 6.65
License Conditions:

Registration: $199

System Requirements:

VST/RTAS host application. Demo requires a iLok Smart Key.

Last Updated: 2013-12-09
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

DrumXchanger replaces drum sounds. Based upon SPL's proprietary Transient Designer technology, it can replace drum sounds in multitrack sessions irrespective of their level - DrumXchanger replaces samples phase-accurately in the original signal.

DrumXchanger uses the Transient Designer technology for drum hit recognition rather than sound creation. Hence, all drum hits, including the faintest ghost notes, are faithfully recognized regardless of their dynamic level. The samples can be mixed with the original sound and there is also a ducking function available, which only reduces the level of the original drum hit itself without affecting the ambience around it.


  • Dual threshold technology doubles replacement safety.
  • Two Transient Designer processing stages included.
  • One original Transient Designer plug-in included for free.
  • 1 GB sample library with 4 drum kits.
  • SPLX File Editor for creation of new drum kits.
  • WAV and AIFF import.
  • Phase-accurate sample replacement.
  • Ducking function.
  • High and low pass filters.
  • Real-time pitch shifting +/- one octave.
  • Delay control for precise placement.
  • MIDI capabilities (in/out) under way.

Changes in v1.6

  • Bugfix for mouse wheel bug in 32-bit hosts on 64-bit Windows
  • Bugfix for keyboard bugs after text input in Pro Tools Windows
  • Licenser update (V3): Fixes and new features
  • Bugfix for parameter value display in VST3
  • Bugfix for toolbar triggering automation
  • Bugfix for window size issues
  • Bugfix for possible preset issues in Pro Tools 11
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