Dump It!
by Ben Hall
(Ben Hall Website)

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Operating System: Atari
File Size: 144K
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:

Registration unlocks some extra features, otherwise fully usable.

System Requirements:

Atari ST, 1meg+, best in 640x400+

Last Updated: 1999-12-06
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Software Description

Load, save, send and receive MIDI Sysex data between your Atari and your MIDI gear. Non-modal interface, MagiC compatible.

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Can any one sort me out with a version on DISK as i do not have the "stuff" to download and swap to my Atari (i'm using a mac and can't run an atari emulator goes my boss sits opposite and even this

Arr cheers

Download of patches, and libriary

Need some information on how to use this software, and how does it work on atari eqiupment
when loaded from a pc windows format how do I make it work

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