Dynasone 2.0X
by Prosoniq Products Software GmbH
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Last Updated: 2003-08-01
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Software Description

Dynasone offers you many powerful processing functions to provide your final mixdown with that special 'pro' sound. Its unique neural Automix function adjusts the overall sound of your mix to automatically sound both transparent and have an optimal frequency response. No more worrying about the final sound of your mix, just let Dynasone analyze your work and propose a setting for optimum results. Different templates let you adjust your overall sound to match any desired musical style, from Classic to Dancefloor. What's more, you can even choose an optimization scheme for your final release medium. Select 'Vinyl', 'Tape', 'CD' or 'Linear' to let Dynasone automatically do the work for you to achieve an optimum result on the desired medium. Both multiband maximizer and peakstop limiting functions optimize the loudness of your mix to match any desired dynamic range and for optimum punch and brilliance. Subsonic and Refresh functions add new spectral contents allowing for restoring and optimizing older recordings. The Dynasone Kit features one all-in-one plug in including functions such as:

  • Automix™ feature that adjusts the sound of your mixdown for you, you can even 'blend' between the mixdown settings of Dynasone and your original mix
  • Template settings for both musical style and destination media (vinyl, tape, CD)
  • Subsonic and Refresh functions
  • 4band adjustable Multiband Compressor
  • Peakstop Limiter and Leveller
  • On-board Bypass switch for instant comparison without having to switch windows full floating point precision (128bit double2 technology on Mac) with signal and precision loss indicators
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