by Carlo Petrini, via Tor Carbone

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Operating System:
File Size: 235 K
License Conditions:

Before registering the program does not allow user to save the file worked on. To register send the author a sum of 15 US$, then the user will receive information on save enabling.

System Requirements:

PC IBM compatible, microprocessor from 80386, minimum conventional memory amount 430 Kbytes, MIDI interface MPU-401 or compatible, VGA (S-VGA), two buttons mouse, MS-DOS from 5.0.

Last Updated: 1997-09-20
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

EIGMGS V 1.1 is a MS-DOS shareware programme that performs the functions of editor and interface to synthesizers General MIDI and GS (Roland SC-55) compatible.

Through the adoption of a well structured graphical interface (640x480 pixels, 16 colours at user's choice) and the intuitive logic design, the programme shows great simplicity in all its operations.

It allows, as editor, easily changing of all sound parameters (volume, pan, chorus...) of musical instruments and voices generated by the synthesizers; all the parameters can be stored and transmitted later to the sound module by pressing only one key of the computer keyboard.

As interface the programme elaborates the MIDI data coming from a MIDI instrument and send them to the synthesizer. This modality makes it possible the repetition of a group of notes on a specified channel (mandolin, banjo effect, ...) .

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