EQuick 1.06
by DMG Audio
(DMG Audio Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 5.2 MB
License Conditions:

Full features, will stop working after 3 days, license is available for 74.99 Euro

System Requirements:

VST/AU/RTAS host application.

Last Updated: 2013-12-02
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

EQuick from DMG audio is an RTAS/AU/VST graphical equalizer plug-in.

EQuick, as the name implies, was designed for quick and easy equalizer applications. DMG Audio decided to go back to the equalizer's most basic element - the graph, and use only the graph for controls. This graphical interface will give you the advantage of "seeing" your music, and with it you can visually design and shape your sound through the Equick equalizer. With this method, it takes less time to decide on what to do and requires less trial and error.

EQuick works well with different screen resolutions for clutter free, clear and quick EQ applications.


  • Clear, undistorted top.
  • CPU usage efficient.
  • For mastering and special channels, you can use the linear phase mode.
  • Q 0.1->50, +/-36dB range, with 32 bands of EQ,
  • Each band can be Low Shelf, High Shelf, Peak, HPF, LPF or Notch
  • Every bank is able to process Mid, Side or the full stereo image
  • Parametric filters (high and low-pass), 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48db/oct
  • Five user interface sizes to fit on different screens.
  • M/S processing per-band with listen.

New in v1.06

  • Improved AAX Automation
  • Improved RTAS version
  • Better UI
  • Fix "node stuck at top of graph" bug.
  • Fix black-screen bug.
  • Fix obscure race-condition bug.
  • Fix obscure crash bug related to Analyser usage.
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes

New in v1.03

  • AAX version included
  • Fix click-thru menubar bug
  • Fix reset-to-previous after resetting to default bug.
  • Recalibrate VU meter
  • Make graph textboxes usable to engage automation in ProTools.
  • Tweaks for stability
  • VST3 Automation improvements
  • Mac builds and Installers optimised and signed
  • Massive optimise for reload of presets.

New in v1.02

  • ProTools pagetable.
  • New pref: Band colour by number.
  • New pref: Mousewheel zoom disable.
  • BugFix for tooltips and hover in ProTools.
  • BugFix for UI resizing in ProTools.
  • BugFix for memory leak.
  • BugFix for potential crash in UI.
  • Massive improvements to CPU usage with UI redraw/animation.
  • BugFix for focus stealing bug on windows.
  • BugFix for UI crash on mac.
  • Invalid text entry returns controls to default values.
  • BugFix for "stuck-on" clip light in ProTools HD.
  • BugFix for Win+Ctrl click for Windows ProTools.
  • BugFix for AudioSuite redraw for Windows ProTools.
  • Presets are compressed to dramatically reduce session sizes (1/50th).
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