Easy Hi-Q Recorder 2.0
by Roemer Software (Rick Roemer)
(Roemer Software (Rick Roemer) Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 7.04 MB
License Conditions:

$29.95 US to buy.

System Requirements:

12.4 MB disk space

Last Updated: 2005-05-04
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Software Description

Easy Hi-Q Recorder is the easiest way to record absolutely any sound in real-time! Easy enough for beginners, yet loaded with powerful features for advanced users. Record directly to MP3, CBR, VBR, WMA 9, WAV, OGG, 48 kHz Pro Quality to 8 kHz mono. Record Internet streaming broadcasts or music from Windows MP, RealOne, etc. Record LP's, tapes, mic, etc. Auto: song, silence detection, file splitting. Has a VCR-like timer! Has a player.

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Easy Hi-Q recorder

Jonathan Steele or Guy Raboin, from united reporters, purchased this software a while back.

Would it be possible to download it again?

David Dolbec
United Reporters

How to purchase

I would like to purchase a software to allow me to upload my lectures from my mini disc to my PC. I cannot purchase from the internet. Can I purchase over the phone from you or do you have a distributor in Melbourne.

Great Software

This software is easy to use, and powerful. I get very good sound quality and find it flexible. It's well worth the $25. Get it, you'll like. Good support via email too. Very responsive.

Easy Hi-Q Recorder

Lousy. Erratic. A waste of $$ and time. Lousy sound quality. Save your $$.

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