Etude Sight Reader v1.2
by Etude Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 1.89 MB
License Conditions:

Free to use for 35 days after which recording and playback are disabled. Registering will re-enable all features. Registration: US$35.00

System Requirements:

MIDI interface for your PC (or sound card with MIDI interface), MIDI keyboard, Sound card (or other MIDI synth)

Last Updated: 2004-02-22
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Etude Sight Reader is a music sight-reading trainer. The program presents you with musical notes and phrases in standard (sheet music) notation, which you play on your MIDI keyboard or other MIDI instrument. It uses graded Lesson Files which can be created or customized using any MIDI sequencer/editor. Users and teachers are encouraged to share Lesson Files.


  • Note recognition, chords, keys, accidentals, clefs, etc.
  • Timing, rests, rhythm, tempo.
  • Shows correct and incorrect playing.
  • Control the program (Start/Stop, etc.) from your MIDI keyboard.
  • Help files include an introduction to music notation.
  • Lesson Files included contain several hundred practice phrases.
  • Example Phrases illustrate rhythmic elements.
  • MIDI and screen Metronome.
  • Randomized phrases discourage learning by ear.
  • Practice without a teacher.

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USB interface

I downloaded the free trial version of Etude Sight Reader. It didn't recognize my USB interface, but Windows XP says the interface is working properly.

Too bad. I can't use the the software.

free etude


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