Collective 8 Bundle v2.1
by Music Unfolding
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Registration: US$45.00

System Requirements:

AU host application. Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Last Updated: 2007-12-10
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The Collective 8 Audio Unit Bundle
consists of three Audio Units:

  • F8-V2
  • Mod8
  • Res8

All three share a similar amplitude modulation sequence configuration. The audio stream is copied into 8 identical streams and an amplitude
modulation pattern can be applied to each stream. The amplitude modulation patterns can be drawn to any shape, with an-easy-to use editing environment that automatically appears when hovering over
the patterns with a mouse. Each stream also has filters or effects
applied to it individually. The streams are then mixed back

F8-V2 has LFO’s, which are applied to highpass, bandpass or
lowpass filters. Res 8 has a choice of a driven, nonlinear, multi- stage filter or formant filters that can be independently applied
to each audio stream. Mod8 has a range of modulation effects like
vibrato and ring modulation. It also has echo, reverb, sub-octave,
and pitch shifting. The result is up to 8 different effects running
all at the same time, each with its own settings and amplitude
sequences. This layering gives unlimited options to create
incredibly interesting effects, from intricate and wild effects, to
rich, textured reverb, echo, chorus-type effects. The Collective 8
Audio Units come with hundreds of presets. Amplitude modulation
patterns can be copied and pasted within each AU or between them

New in v2.1

  • Now compatible with Mac OS X Leopard and with Logic Studio, including Logic Pro 8, MainStage and Soundtrack Pro 2.
  • A few other minor bugs were fixed.
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