Functional Ear Trainer 1.1
by Alain Benbassat
(Alain Benbassat Website)

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Last Updated: 2003-01-05
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Software Description

Traditional ear training progams typically let you guess scales, chords, and intervals "as is". While this can be useful, a lot of people don't find it musical.

Functional Ear Trainer is different. The user can select a key and the computer will play a cadence to clearly define the particular key, followed by a random note. The user must then guess the note within this harmonic context.

With a week or two of practice, it will improve your musical ear a lot (at least it worked for me!).

Although I did not invent this concept, I think Functional Ear Trainer is the first computer program to implement this kind of ear training exercises.

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ear training

i think you have to start with the basics and train your ear to at least figure out if a note is lower or higher than the previous one in a sequence.

eto ja

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