FabFilter One v3.22
by FabFilter
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File Size: 3.25 MB
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30 Day Trial. Registration: US$64.00

System Requirements:

VSTi/RTAS host application.

Last Updated: 2013-06-24
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Software Description

FabFilter One is a powerful polyphonic / monophonic synthesizer plug-in with the best possible sound and filter quality.

Best cut-off filter
We have put tremendous effort in creating the best cut-off filter ever. It's just the fattest and smoothest self-oscillating digital filter you've ever heard. Its sound is raw but never cheap, going crazy with high peak values, but never over the top. Even at full resonance, there are none of the zippery digital artefacts that are so common among other plugin filters.

Great oscillator
The oscillator sounds strong, pure, and clean. It has just the right analog feel, with custom-shaped waveforms and fine-tuned sound, delivering pure fatness in the low regions and total clarity in the high regions. There are extensive pulse width modulation options and it's also possible to mix white or pink noise into the signal, which is great for percussive sounds.

Smoothest portamento
Most synthesizers just slide from one note to another without giving it another thought. We understand that good portamento is one of those things that give your play just that little bit extra. Good portamento is magic. So we've fine-tuned it until perfection. Feel it yourself!

Smart Parameter Interpolation
Changes to any of FabFilter One's parameters are interpolated by smart algorithms, ensuring both responsiveness and smooth transitions. Worry no more about annoying digital clicks and 'zipper' effects! Even MIDI controller changes are handled perfectly smooth.

Straightforward user interface
The user interface is simple, modern, and easy to use. The knobs are large and can be dragged up and down as well as turned around for precise adjustments. You can tweak and tune your sounds to your hearts' content without having to hunt for impossible little knobs and sliders.

Platform-independent presets
FabFilter One comes with a standard set of dozens of great sounds and enables you to create and save your own presets. You can share your sounds with other FabFilter One users and the preset files will be exactly the same for the Mac OS X version (to be released later).

Sample accuracy and high sample rates
Naturally, the FabFilter One plugin handles all parameter changes at sample accuracy and it can be used with arbitrary sample rates. All parameters are fully automatable within your favorite host or with MIDI controller messages.

Extensive support
The included help file describes all features of the FabFilter One in detail, together with overviews and tutorials to create various types of sounds. The online support section provides the latest software updates, a great discussion forum and access to technical support.

Changes in v3.22:

  • 64-bit AAX compatibility (Pro Tools11)
  • Updated 32-bit AAX plugin format to v2
  • Changing paramater via the mouse wheel now works properly
  • Control switches via the mouse wheel
  • VST3 side-chain audition bug corrected
  • Various other bugfixes and improvements

Changes in v3.21

  • Various minor improvements and bugfixes
  • In FabFilter Pro-Q, Bugfix forAuto-Adjust Display Range feature
  • Workaround for Maschine by NI bug for VST 2 plug-ins

Changes in v3.20

  • Now support features in VST 3.5
  • Support for Steinberg's CMC-AI
  • Now with GPU-powered graphics acceleration based on FabFilter Pro-DS
  • Added mouse wheel support to buttons with pop-up menus
  • Now lets you open Other Preset option to the presets menu
  • Bugfix for compatibility issues with Adobe Premiere.
  • Bugfix for bug where the mono AudioSuite plug-ins cause the Whole File option at the bottom to be disabled.
  • Various other bugfixes

New in 3.15

  • AAX plug-in support
  • Improved keyboard handling on Windows
  • Fixing the "space key stealing" problem in Studio One and FL Studio
  • Improved mouse handling behavior in Pro Tools
  • Added more support for Pro Tools hardware control interfaces
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