FabFilter Volcano v2.23
by FabFilter
(FabFilter Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 7.2 MB
License Conditions:

30 Day Trial. Registration: US$149.00

System Requirements:

VST/AU/RTAS host application. OS X 10.3 (Panther) or higher

Last Updated: 2013-07-15
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Software Description

Volcano is a versatile filter effect plug-in with state-of-the-art filter technology and endless modulation and tweaking possibilities.


  • Four state-of-the-art multi-mode filters, with panning, delay and more than 10 unique characteristics
  • Ultra-flexible filter routing, including per-channel and mid/side modes
  • Revolutionary new interface, using our innovative what-you-use-is-what-you-see concept
  • Endless modulation options, with all the 16-step XLFOs, envelope generators, envelope followers and MIDI sources you will ever need
  • Easy drag-and-drop modulation with 24-slot modulation matrix
  • Large interactive filter display
  • Modulation source signal visualization
  • Stereo and mono plug-ins available
  • Side chain input
  • Highly improved MIDI Learn
  • Almost 300 presets
  • Unique per-component presets
  • Undo, redo and A/B switch features
  • Extensive help file with interactive help hints

Changes in v2.23

  • Corrected issue with typed parameter values rounded incorrectly.
  • AAX plug-in fix for reactivation bug

Changes in v2.21

  • BugFix for interface issues on some hosts on Mac OS X
  • Bugfix for possible crash on Mac OS X
  • Workaround for resizing bug in Ableton 8 on Mac OS X VST plug-ins
  • BugFix for incorrect MIDI message handling on Mac OS X
  • Bugfix for graphical glitches when resizing the plug-in interfaces on Mac OS X
  • Various minor improvements and bugfixes
  • In FabFilter Pro-Q, Bugfix forAuto-Adjust Display Range feature
  • Workaround for Maschine by NI bug for VST 2 plug-ins
  • Changes in v2.20

    • New Modulation button
    • Now support features in VST 3.5
    • Now with GPU-powered graphics acceleration based on FabFilter Pro-DS
    • Added mouse wheel support to buttons with pop-up menus
    • Now lets you open Other Preset option to the presets menu
    • Support for Steinberg's CMC-AI
    • Bugfix for compatibility issues with Adobe Premiere.
    • Bugfix for bug where the mono AudioSuite plug-ins cause the Whole File option at the bottom to be disabled.
    • The Mac OS X version now requires OS X 10.5 and an Intel processor. They still offer previous versions for download for older OS X 10.4 or PowerPC support
    • Various other bugfixes

    New in 2.14

    • AAX plug-in support
    • VST3/AU easier automation due to better parameter grouping
    • Improved keyboard handling on Windows
    • Fixing the "space key stealing" problem in Studio One and FL Studio
    • Improved mouse handling behavior in Pro Tools
    • Added more support for Pro Tools hardware control interfaces
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