FilterFreak v4.4.3
by SoundToys
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VST host application. Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

Last Updated: 2014-09-03
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Software Description

FilterFreak is a Resonant Analog Filter.

It is a bundle of two RTAS, HTDM and Audiosuite plug-ins, each with a host of easily accessible and highly tweakable parameters that can be used to create some totally awesome filtering combinations. Special attention has been given to recreating a filter that both sounds and responds like a real analog filter. When you overload the input to FilterFreak it won't "freak out" but instead will saturate the way a normal filter would in the analog world.

New in v4.4.3

  • LFO and MIDI sync performance improvements in modulation plug-ins.
  • Bugfix for minor graphics and UI bugs.
  • Bugfix for compare light behavior with PanMan and MicroShift.
  • Bugfix for Multiple save dialog with RTAS and 32-bit VST.
  • Various other minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

New in v4.4.2

  • Speed for Audio Units is now 64-bit!
  • AAX is now 64-bit only. RTAS provides 32-bit Pro Tools support.
  • Tighter MIDI lock for all plug-ins with MIDI sync.
  • Bugfix for issues with AudioSuite versions.
  • Bugfix for issues with Preset Manager graphics in certain situations.
  • Bugfix for an issue that may cause a crash in certain situations during session recall in Pro Tools.
  • Bugfix for an issue that may cause an error message when recalling settings in Pro Tools 11.

New in v4.3.1

  • AAX Native 64-bit plug-in
  • Mavericks compatible Audio Units versions

Changes in v4.1.8

  • Bugfix for reported TDM Crashing issue

Changes in v4.1.6

  • Bugfix for issue opening old sessions in Ableton Live.
  • Bugfix for issue causing "min shift alerts" occurring in EchoBoy.
  • Key hits now go to host if not required by the plug-in. Sonar still blocks them.
  • Bugfix for issue where key hits caused graphic problems in Cubase.
  • Bugfix for issue causing double key hits in Ableton Live Mac VST.
  • Simulated analog noise improved in FilterFreak.
  • Other system reliability bugs fixed.

Changes in v3.0.3

  • Logic 8 approved.
  • Leopard approved.
  • Pro Tools 7.4 approved.
  • Improved Audio Units tempo tracking.
  • Improved DSP performance on Native applications.
  • Fixed a problem switching from TDM to RTAS.
  • Fixed window scrolling error.
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