Finale Notepad 2012
by MakeMusic! Inc
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Last Updated: 2012-02-22
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Software Description

Finale NotePad is a version of the famous music notation software Finale. NotePad allows you to make simple scores, with a number of basic features borrowed from its sibling Finale. It's also critical to compatibility, since users who don't own Finale can open any file made with a Finale-family program in NotePad.

NotePad is free, but limited to 8 staves.

New in NotePad 2012

  • Full compatibility with Finale 2012 files
  • Unicode font support provides access to every character in your fonts and facilitates the creation of music in any language.
  • It's now FREE!

New in NotePad 2011

  • Improved Percussion Notation. We've simplified the process of getting notes on percussion staves to look and playback exactly the way you want them to.
  • Fully compatible with Finale 2010, PrintMusic 2010, and SongWriter 2010
  • Improved documentation, transparent selection handles

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which software program will work for me?

I love to compose music but am not terribly computer literate. I want to arrange music for paino, organ, hand chimes, and voice for a Christmas program. Which software program would be the best for me? I have a Mac I-book laptop. Thanks for helping.

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