Flaming CD Burner/Cover Designer
by Focussoft
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Last Updated: 2004-10-21
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Software Description

With Flaming CD Burner, you can make CDs from audio files saved in your computer. Enjoying music anywhere with Diskman, home or car CD stereo will be possible. It's easy and fascinating!

Flaming CD Cover Designer enables you to design personalized CD cover with all your favorite elements such as images, track information and text. The powerful functions facilitate editing of cover layout. User-friendly interface with quick guide makes it easy to handle.

Burn your favorite songs and design splendid CD covers with this perfect combination. Nothing can be more interesting than enjoying your cool music anywhere in your own way.

Flaming CD Burner helps you to burn audio files saved in your computer into CDR, so that you can enjoy music anywhere with Diskman, home or car CD stereo. Turning on computer will no longer be a must. It will be really convenient!

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This site link is bad.

Makes me wonder about the program and this site period. They have automated scripts you can run that will tell you if a link goes bad on your site amateurs.

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