FlexiMusic Wave Editor Mar 2007
by Ponnuchamy Varatharaj
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Last Updated: 2007-03-23
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Software Description

FlexiMusic Wave Editor is an easy-to-use audio editor for professionals and home users. It provides a powerful and user-friendly editing environment for novice users. You can edit and record music, apply effects and filters, adjust stereo channels, save audio to all of the popular formats and burn songs to CD.


  • U-Turn play, selected part play are also possible.
    start playing just at any place by a click.

  • Huge file editing. You can work on or record a long audio file up to 2GB
    (2048mb) size (for 16 bit file). (3 hours and 20 minutes of CD quality Stereo,
    higher for mono).
  • Editing operations: cut, copy, delete, trim, paste-replace, paste-insert,
    paste multiple insert (looping). Additional editing operations: paste-mix, paste
    modulate, paste cross fade.
  • You can bookmark a selected portion or view and reuse the same bookmark as needed.
  • Transform operations: Reverse, invert, move-up/down, move-forward/back, inter-change channels, channel mix etc.
  • Re-formatting, re-sampling.
  • Volume Processing: Maximize, Quick fade in, fade out, set to predefined, you
    can choose either to change or optimize the volume to any given %.

  • Special effects: Equalize, Echo, Noise reduction, Delete silence.

  • Generate: add sine wave with one or two frequency (changing from one to
    other), multi frequency noise, silence etc.

  • Draw: you can directly draw the wave form by using mouse on it, like
    painting/writing, for repairing noise, removing click sound etc.

  • For viewing there are zoom options, zoom with mouse select, zoom at mouse click, zoom-in, zoom-out, zoom 1:1, zoom all.
  • Unlimited Undo operations.
  • File types supported: wav, au, snd, raw and mp3

New in Mar 2007

  • Updated to run on Windows Vista.

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My review title says it all:

My review title says it all: Simply Awesome! I have never had one single error, crash or corrupted audio file using this application. This is the best. And its a breeze to use. My young children were recording audio and mixing sound effects within minutes.

Wonderful Software

FlexiMusic Wave Editor is an easy to use audio editor, i used it to edit my Mp3's. It can be used by both the professionals, and normal users like me. Its having an advanced recording options also, and we can apply some effects like equalizer, Band pass/stop filter, Noise Reduction, Echo etc... I changed my recorded voice into many strange voice by using a great effect named stretch/shrink in Wave Editor and we can adjust the volume and change the speed of an audio. I am very much satisfied by using this software.

speed slowdown

I am wanting to know if I can slow down the speed of the recorded music by about 1/2 with this program. As a string quartet player, I am wanting to here all the inaccuracies in our playing that aren't audible at normal playing speeds.


Joel Stobbe

Yes, it can

Yes, it can speed up or slow down the audio.
1. You can play it with various speed
2. you can use "Stretch/Shrink" command to change the speed to save with changed speed.

Please go and download and try it free.

need music programs ??1111

I am a student in Ph.d music ,and I need some programs to make mixing music by using the keyboard with computer ,and when making the music I need another program to put the voice on the music ,,,???!!!
I use the " Cakewalk pro "" but it is very difficult to sing with the music you make ,,,.
I use Roland E-40 for my music ..I make music with Drama in Jordan TV ,,
Please if you can help me fo these programs ,,
Thank You For Your Kindness and Happy New Year 2002 ,and Best wishes ,
Ala Naser
Jordan -Irbid
P.O.BOX 779
FAX : 00962-2-7409397
Email: ala_muin_naser@hotmail.com


Re: need music programs ??1111

You should try multitrack studio. Just go to www.google.com and search for multitrack studio.

It's very nice for what it sounds like you're trying to do.

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