FolderShare v2.5.10
by ByteTaxi
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Operating System: Windows XP/2000/ME
File Size: 645 KB
License: Freeware (All Free software)
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System Requirements:

128 MB RAM, 800x600 resolution.

Last Updated: 2005-11-26
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Software Description

Create a personal Peer-to-Peer network that lets you retrieve and update documents or share your files with family, friends, and colleagues.

How FolderShare Works

A FolderShare Library is the center of your own private Peer-to-Peer network.

Create a Library with invited friends/colleagues and build a collection of files (documents, photos, etc.) that everyone in the group can access. Securely share as many files as you desire because FolderShare has no file size limitations or bandwidth quotas.

Run FolderShare on multiple personal computers (like your home and office machines) and you will have a powerful personal file system at your disposal. FolderShare can automatically create an identical set of files on all of your computers. Make a file at home and it will instantly be copied to your office computer. Edit a file on your laptop and your office computer will automatically update its version of the file. If you are on the road, use FolderShare to view and download files from your office computer via any web browser.

New in this version:

  • removed an unnecessary Cancel button from some conflicts
  • don't run on startup if the user didn't complete the signup process
  • update the tree when an invited user picks a nickname
  • fixed crash that could occur if a user was removed from a library while the client was running but not connected to the server
  • fixed crash that could occur during signup if a folder was created on the desktop
  • fixed crash that could occur for invited users upon reconnecting to the server the first time the client was run
  • fixed a problem with the Uninstaller that was not removing everything.

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I want to use foldershare between my desktop at home and my laptop when travelling! Sounds like a normal application but I have tried setting it up with both pcs on my wireless network and am haveing trouble - dont fully understand relationship between 'my foldershare' and 'foldershare satellite' and the difference between using pcs on same network vs remote access!... can someone please help because I find the microsoft instructions slightly confusing - maybe the odd diagram or other graphic representation would help! Thanks in advance for your help

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