Furthur Net v1.7.5b
by The Furthur Network
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Last Updated: 2005-04-10
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Software Description

P2P program for sharing legal-live music. Any musician that allows the non-commercial taping and trading of their live performances are allowed on the Furthur Network. This would include bands like the Grateful Dead, Phish, String Cheese Incident, Widespread Panic, Phil Lesh and Friends, Dave Matthews Band and many other up and coming and other well known bands.

Check out the approved band list.


  • The FurthurNet application code is Free and Open Source.
  • Packet Chain Protocol : PCP chaining allows users to 'piggy back' a download off another user. For example, person A downloads a fileset from the host, person B will then download from person A, person C will download from Person B, etc.. This allows everyone download a show at once.
  • Antelope : Download a single show from more than one host. If an identical fileset/show is shared by more than one host/person, you will automatically download parts of the individual files from several hosts. The more people sending you data, even if one or more is a modem user, the quicker your download will be! If many people are sharing an identical fileset, the Antelope will stampede to maximize your downstream bandwidth!
  • No Banner/ Popup Ads or Spyware activities! -Furthur will never display advertising or track user behavior, like other popular filesharing applications. Read our privacy policy for more information regarding the Furthur website and software.
  • All shows on the Furthur Network are 100% MD5 verified! -When users initially share a show, Furthur will run an MD5 verification check, to ensure the file integrity. If any file doesn't check out, Furthur won't allow it on the network. If it arrives and the MD5 doesn't pass, FurthurNet redownloads the failed track automatically.
  • Advanced search screen. Furthur was designed specifically for the sharing of legal live music, and thus, has very advanced searching capabilities. Imagine searching the Furthur Network for available shows by audio format, band name, a specific date or date range, venue, specific songs in a set or even source!!!
  • Share legal live Videos and Free & Shareware Music Software! -The Object Type Menu at the top of the FurthurNet Software lets you choose between "Live Audio", "Live Video" & "Music Software"
  • Furthur can be easily configured dynamically to allow new artists that allow trading. If the Band isn't in our list and they have a solid taping policy that can be submitted, they can be added. This allows the Furthur Network to maintain the status quo of a 100% legit network of legally traded live music, while allowing easy future expandability.
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