GNUitar v0.3.2
by Max Rudensky
(Max Rudensky Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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Last Updated: 2009-04-21
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Software Description

GNUitar is guitar effects software that allows you to use your PC as guitar processor.

Available effects are:

  • 2 kinds of distortion (one is Ibanez TubeScreamer 9 simulation)
  • Sustain
  • Various flavors of reverb, echo & delay
  • Chorus/flanger
  • Equalizer
  • Noise reduction
  • Wah-wah
  • Phasor
  • Tremolo
  • Vibrato

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Dear win7-person: I suppose

Dear win7-person:
I suppose win7 was already installed and you ain't got the slightest clue..
Win 7 and most hardware-advances belong together...means, that your getting an expensive, better system, which is slowed down by a tank of an operating system. Not as powerful as advertised, but heavy.
Search Google, wether your PC / Lap is capable of running XP, buy an original XP, install, update and see, whats really inside your system. Its still the most used OS on earth.
I can't adequately express my feelings in words about people, buying any shit, that is advertised as "its new, so buy it!" and two days later they're hustling everyone in the Internet "I want this Win 95 Prog to run on Win7." I suppose, you don't even have a decent (XP!-)Soundcard, running 1000 needful extra-progs in the background, the Virus-Scan is activated and you don't know, what compability-mode means..while your trying to get something run and complain.
You may buy an Apple, pay for every keystroke and don't bother about things like compability or system knowledge. Seriously!

Your wish..

a) there used to be a time, when guitarists like Jeff Beck did flute/synth-Sounds by simply using their volume-knob with fifth finger. Even Van Halen did it. Why don't you just sit down and exercise a little..?!?

b) If you don't want to and your daddy's got the cash: get a Hex-Pick-up (Roland?) or a Roland Guitar
(i.E. Steve Stevens - Billy Idol Guitarist or Midge Ure of Ultravox used them) and some 19'' Synth-and Eventide / Lexington-Racks. ...but even that needs some extra Exercise, because Signal-Processing needs time.

c) If it still just takes to long: rent a studio and some guys who know, how to handle everything and concentrate on cool moves and a good PR-Manager :D
(just in case you listen to pop-charts and want to get famous fast without any knowledge: thats your only way to go)

It don't works in windows 7

It don't works in windows 7

Synth Guitar

Im looking for a program that allows me to plug my guitar to the PC and make it sound like a Different instrument (piano, flute Violin... like a Synthesizer)
not just fx like echo, reverb, chorus...
more like a real synthesizer
Is it out there?

Voice to instrument

Voice to instrument or VTI claims it can do this.
Haven't tried it yet but its a free download.
Don't remeber the website But I could find it if you need it.

synth guitar

Is there any software that will allow to plug your guitar to your pc and make it sound like another instrument?
A synthesizer for guitar on your PC?

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