GChorus v1.0
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2007-05-02
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Software Description

GChorus is a chorus effect. The incoming signal is mixed with a delayed copy of itself. The effect is created by modulating the playback speed of the delayed copy.

GChorus uses a sinusoidal LFO to vary the playback speed of the delayed signal. The magnitude and rate of this LFO are set using the Depth and Freq parameters.

When GChorus is used on a stereo signal, a separate LFO is used for each channel. The R Phase parameter controls the phase of the right-channel LFO relative to the left. When R Phase is 0°, the two LFOs are synchronised. Changing the R Phase parameter causes the two LFOs to oscillate independently, which adds width to the sound.

The Mix parameter controls the mix of the original and delayed signals.

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