Giada 0.95
by Monocasual
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Last Updated: 2015-04-01
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Software Description

Giada is a free, minimal, hardcore loop player for Linux.

It handles up to 12 audio channels playable in a loop mode - loop machine way - or in a single shot mode - drum machine way.
Giada aims to be a compact and portable virtual device for Linux (and maybe for Windows and Mac in the future) for production use and live sets.


  • Ultra-lightweight internal design
  • Multi-thread/multi-core support
  • 32 bit floating point audio engine
  • Up to 12 audio channels controlled via computer keyboard
  • Single shot mode vs. loop mode
  • Bpm and beat sync
  • Sample-accurate loop engine
  • Patch-based system: load/save your setup from/to a binary file
  • Based upon FLTK (GUI) and Alsalib (audio layer)
  • 0% complexities or exotic dependencies: download the .tar file, unpack it and you're ready to rock
  • 100% freeware stuff: you can use it without any limitations

Changes in v0.95:

  • Patch loading system with permanent MIDI mapping;
  • Ability to clear assigned keys (keyboard mode);
  • Various other minor fixes and tweaks.

Changes in v0.94:

  • Drag-n-drop now works in existing channels
  • Store 'resize recordings' flag in giada.conf
  • Improved management of duplicate samples
  • More VST debug information
  • Various other minor bugfixes and tweaks

Changes in v0.93:

  • GUI improvements that include resizable columns and better column handling mechanism
  • Bugfix for various graphical bugs
  • Upgrade to FLTK 1.3.3;
  • Support for MIDI devices without Note Off message;
  • Various other bugs fixed and internal enhancements.

Changes in v0.91:

  • Custom version of rtAudio is back in source package
  • Turn up volume automatically when adding new channel
  • Misc tab in configuration panel updated
  • Bugfix for missing jack headers

Changes in v0.9:

  • Redesigned interface with full screen support
  • Multi-column layout
  • Advanced logging system
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes

Changes in v0.8.4:

  • New loop once bar mode
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes.

Changes in v0.8.3:

  • Experimental MIDI timing output with MTC and MIDI clock;
  • New pitch operators x2 and /2;
  • Various bugfixes and other minor improvements

Changes in v0.8.2:

  • Improved VST MIDI event support;
  • Pitch control exposed via MIDI;
  • New tools in Sample Editor (linear fade in/out, smooth edges);
  • Various bugs fixed and internal improvements.

Changes in v0.7.3:

  • Experimental 64 bit version for Linux;
  • Piano Roll tool improvements
  • Massive internal cleanup, is now ready for future development;
  • Copious bugs fixed and minor improvements.

Changes in v0.7.2:

  • Initial MIDI output support on multiple channels (1-16)
  • Internal MIDI routing enhancements
  • Other bugfixes and cleanups.

Changes in v0.7.1:

  • Initial Jack Transport support
  • Send global note off when sequencer is being stopped
  • Send note off when deleting notes in Piano Roll
  • Store position and size of Piano Roll in conf file
  • Avoid overlap MIDI notes in Piano Roll
  • MIDI channel refactoring
  • MIDI channels now behave like loopmode ones
  • Bugfix for graphical bugs in Action Editor, sample mode
  • Bugfix for refresh issue in Piano Roll when deleting items
  • Lots of invisible cleanups and improvements

Changes in v0.6.7:

  • MIDI Development.
  • VSTi (instrument) support.
  • New Piano Roll widget.

Changes in v0.6.4:

  • Resizable plugin parameter window
  • New and standard package name format
  • Implement RtAudio::getCompiledApi() to fetch compiled APIs
  • Implement audioMasterGetSampleRate, audioMasterGetLanguage VST opcodes
  • Add drop down menu for buffer size values in config panel
  • Enhance project portability between OSes
  • Lots of fixes and improvements for VST strings and parameters
  • Avoid segfault when loading recs from a patch with files not found
  • Always remember selected program when shifting up/down plugins
  • Various bug fixes and other improvements

Changes in v0.6.3:

  • Now with solo button
  • Improved sharing facilities
  • New 'Single Endless' channel mode for your drone music projects
  • Improved GUI and other minor fixes.

Changes in v0.6.2:

  • Redesigned Interface
  • New volume envelope tool;
  • Big enhancements in the action editor
  • Zoom with mouse wheel
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes

Changes in v0.6.1:

  • Now supports unlimited number of channels
  • Deep internal refactoring
  • Mixer/GUI layers
  • Always free Master In plugin stack on exit
  • Bugfix for random crashes on exit
  • Bugfiix for crashes when closing Giada with VST windows opened
  • Various other minor bugfixes and enhancements

Changes in v0.6.0:

  • Newly revamped Sample Editor
  • Now with full screen support and zoom with mouse wheel
  • Various other minor improvements.

Changes in v0.0.7:

  • new peak meter with clip warning and system status report
  • several usability and graphical improvements

This software is in a pre-pre-pre alpha stage of development and lacks of a wide range of basic functionalities which could make it hard to use. Please take a look at the README file inside the package to understand the direction of development.

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