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Operating System:
File Size: 12.4 MB
License Conditions:

Buy a fully functional version of G for only US$110. The demo is functionality limited. It will run for 20 minutes before it quits, and you can record for only 10 seconds at a time.

System Requirements:

G3 processor and 160 MB of free application memory is recommended. OSX 10.2 or above.

Last Updated: 2004-07-01
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

G is a collection of up to 16 modules. A module is composed of stereo sources (Looper, fmTone, VST instrument, Audio input, DJ player) and stereo effects (pitch, volume, granulator, ringmod, distortion, downsample, delay, two multimode filters, and up to four VST effects). There's also an integrated Quicktime movie sampler for simultaneous control of movie playback.

Control these sources and effects with MIDI, MsPinky vinyl on your turntables, your computer keyboard, and mouse. Randomness permates a number of controls and the sequencer for constant, machine-supplied variety. The surround mixer gives you the option of mixing for 3 to 24 speakers.

Mix your sources, and mix the effects. Record bits of audio input into the looper. Play the synths with your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard. Loop your loops. Play mp3s in the DJ source, and scratch them with vinyl. Scratch the loops (movies too!) with vinyl at the same time. Mix your modules. Drag-and-drop beat-sync'ed LFO's onto almost any parameter. Sync your loops, and use the simple drag-drop sequencer to sequence the sources. Trigger movies and project them on a big screen. Damn it, just play around and press the record button when it gets good. Don't blame me if you're up all night.

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