Gneutronica v0.33
by Stephen Cameron
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Last Updated: 2006-07-03
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Software Description

Gneutronica is a simple MIDI drum machine program modeled to a large extent on the Hydrogen sample-based drum machine software also available for linux. If you are familiar with Hydrogen, you'll find yourself pretty much at home with Gneutronica.

Gneutronica lets you create patterns of drum beats one measure long, allows you to divide up the measure into however many beats you like (several times simultaneously, if you want) and then arrange those patterns into a sequence for playback. Essentially it's a tool with which to create drum tracks and play them back via MIDI devices.

New in this version

  • Added drumkit definition for a Roland TR808 sound font.
  • Bugfix: inserted measures might get bogus tempo -- fixed.
  • MIDI output method abstraction... two instantiations raw MIDI
    and ALSA sequencer interface.

  • Now uses ALSA sequencer interface instead of raw MIDI..
  • Bugfix: Scramble function had overflow bug that caused it to be
    non-random. Fixed.

  • Combined Pattern Editor widnow and Arrangement Editor window into
    a single window by putting them both into tabs in a Gtk notebook.

  • Output is assignable to up to 16 ALSA sequencer ports ("tracks")
    on a per-pattern basis to allow routing different patterns to
    different MIDI devices or softsynths.

  • Now there is a rudimentary melodic sequencer as well as a percussion

  • Arrangement editor marks every 8 measures instead of every 10

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