Golden Compressor | GCO-1 v1.10
by Kjaerhus Audio
(Kjaerhus Audio Website)

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System Requirements:

VST Host.

Last Updated: 2005-02-08
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Software Description

The GCO-1 is a versatile quality compressor and expander plugin modeled after some of the best analog compressors. It has an open architecture with many means of adjustment, which ensures that almost any analog sound character can be obtained; from smooth and transparent, to warm and tubeish, or even pumping, if so preferred. It works well with all material for tracking, mixing and mastering. There is no latency, so it is the ideal choice for real time performance in the studio or on stage.


  • High compression and expansion ratios
  • Five envelope types including Opto-coupled
  • Very short attack and release times
  • Program dependency to avoid pumping
  • Frequency dependent compression
  • Adjustable knee and compression linearity
  • Filters to eliminate low frequency disturbances
  • Presets
  • A|B comparisons
  • Silent knobs
  • 64 Bit Internal Processing.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Supports sampling rates up to 192kHz.
  • Full VST automation.
  • No Latency.
  • Detailed Users Manual.
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