Grip v3.3.1
by Mike Oliphant
(Mike Oliphant Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 462 KB
License Conditions:

General Public Licence

System Requirements:

The Gnome desktop; POSIX thread support, a net connection (if you want to use CDDB lookup); a CD-ROM

Last Updated: 2006-01-20
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description


  • Full-featured CD player with a small screen footprint in "condensed" mode
  • CDDB database lookup/submission to share track information over the net
  • HTTP proxy support for those behind firewalls
  • Loop, shuffle, and playlist modes
  • Ripping of single, multiple, or partial tracks
  • Encoding of ripped .wav files into MP3 files
  • Simultaneous rip and encode
  • Adding ID3 tags to MP3 files
  • Specification of "nice" levels for rip/encode processing

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When i'm using Grip I become always the message "query failed" at the beginning.
What is this query which make unable to connect to CDDB for example
Thank you

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