Gungirl Sequencer v0.3.1
by Richard Spindler & Georg E Schneider
(Richard Spindler & Georg E Schneider Website)

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This binary release is statically linked against most dependencies and should work on most recent Versions of the GNU/Linux OS.

Last Updated: 2005-06-08
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Gungirl Sequencer is an easy to use audio sequencer. It includes a simple Filemanager and uses Drag & Drop to arrange Audiosamples.

Gungirl Sequencer is not a MIDI Sequencer.


  • 8 Audio Tracks
  • Support for 16Bit 44100Hz Audio
  • Samples (only WAV-Format)

  • Export to WAV
  • Drag & Drop Sample Placement
  • Mini Filemanger
  • Custom Colours for Audio Samples
  • Doubleclick for Sample Preview
  • Uses OSS under Linux
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