Hardcore Kicks VSTi v2.4
by The CoreStylerz
(The CoreStylerz Website)
Owned by user TheCoreStylerz

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System Requirements:

800 mghz processor with SSE 2 support , Windows 32 bit Only (x86), Sequencer VST 2.3 SDK compilant

Last Updated: 2013-11-12
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Software Description

Hardcore Kicks VSTi is a virtual synthesizer designed for making kicks and basslines for Hardcore and Hardstyle music.

This plugin is designed to to simplify the creation of kicks and basslines, along with track production by allowing quick and stunning automations through the host program. Hardcore Kicks VSTi is presented as a hybrid synthesizer, running wavetable oscillators including analog and digital waves with a complete set of wave shaping tools.


  • 50 waveforms
  • 79 internal wavetables
  • "Core" Soundbank with 64 presets made by The CoreStylerz
  • "Core" and "LigthingBlue" skins made by The CoreStylerz
  • VSTi plugin
  • VSTi plugin Mono
  • Stand-Alone Version
  • Patch Converter tool (for migrate version 1 patches)
  • User Manual Documentation (31 pages english)

Changes in v2.4

  • Updated VST SDK to 2.4.
  • New routable and expandable wavetable based LFO.
  • Fully automatic registration and unlock.
  • GUI improvements.
  • New skin "MaxLive".
  • Various interface releated fixes.
  • Some preset manager fixes.

Changes in v2.1.5

  • Addition: 349 kick samples designed and licensed by Apex-Mind from Dark Like Hell Records.
  • Fixed: error on wave loading when preset changes.
  • Removed: loop function for better support of short samples.

Changes in v2.1

  • Improved filter envelope.
  • Reduced output gain when stereo clip is off.
  • Set Default paths
  • Updated user manual.

Changes in v2.0.5

  • Bugfix: Fixed issue of wave loader selection
  • Addition: Pitch wheel control for oscillator mode
  • Addition: Modulation wheel control for filter cutoff
  • Addition: Mono VSTi plugin
  • Addition: Updated Patch Converter tool to 1.1

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