HexaChrom 1.0.0
by Somascape
(Somascape Website)

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Requires iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

Last Updated: 2011-03-04
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Software Description

Turns your iPad into a musical performance controller, so you can wirelessly play your OSC or MIDI musical instruments.

HexaChrom takes an alternative approach to the majority of MIDI keyboard controllers in that it uses an isometric note layout, where the notes are presented as a hexagonal matrix of keys.

There are many such isometric layouts, though HexaChrom uses the Harmonic Table layout, which is a modern variation of the Tonnetz (tone network), devised by the famous mathematician Leonhard Euler.


  • Isometric 'harmonic table' note layout keyboard, based on a 52-note matrix (just over 4 octaves).
  • Play simple chords with a single finger.
  • Consistent chord shapes irrespective of root key.
  • Octave transposition provides a total span of just over 7 octaves.
  • Dual view : Portrait mode offers a single 52-note matrix (easy play); Landscape mode has a 104-note dual matrix, with optional split channel operation.
  • Assignable controllers (sliders and buttons).
  • Connects wirelessly using the OSC protocol.
  • Automatic connection using bonjour, or manual connection when bonjour is not an option.
  • Using OSCulator (on a Mac) control any software or hardware MIDI synthesizer, sampler, drum machine, etc.
  • Multitouch interface.
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