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Last Updated: 2001-12-26
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Software Description

ID3KILL removes and lists ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags from MP3 files.

ID3 is a general tagging format for audio, which makes it possible to store meta data (album, year, genre, ...) about the song inside the audio file itself. This is useful if you encounter incorrect tags in your MP3 files or if you wish to upgrade the tags in your files.

ID3KILL has the option of only removing ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags should you wish to preserve one of the two, and can recursively search within subdirectories if you want total annihilation. ID3KILL can even modify files marked 'read-only', provided the storage medium allows it.

The latest version of ID3KILL has a new feature to clean M3U and PLS
playlists, ie. remove useless information such as #EXTINF file title and length information. An optional popup window has been added to signal when the job's done, the pathname shows up when the mouse is moved over a file in the list and a short HTML documentation has been added.

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