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Demo version: You can not send out MIDI data. Full working as 3D paths editor.

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Last Updated: 2005-05-01
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Software Description

IMEASY-X finally provides to sound designers a professional OpenGL 3D interface for high definition editing of audio source positions and trajectories and speaker positions.

The various DAW softwares and systems made up of software and hardware currently available, represent today real ‘advanced working environments’ for sound engineers and musicians all over the world.

From the progenitors Digital Performer and Sonar (ex Cakewalk Pro) to the modern Cubase, Logic and ProTools, all these splendid items of software provide, in varying degrees, everything that is necessary to carry out multi-track panning. Often panning is sufficient for applications required by multi-track audio production for video, or for supports like Audio DVD and video games.

But the system composed by IMEASY-X software and one of the X-Spat DSP Expansions is the ideal product if sufficiency is not enough.

While it maintains the necessary compatibility with traditional panning and with the various necessary encoding algorithms, X-Spat provides more demanding engineers with the most effective psycho-acoustic algorithms to simulate the positioning or the movement of audio sources in any point of a given space. In addition, using the Spatialisation 3D provided by the two DSP of X-Spat as a support or in place of the normal 2D ‘panning’ of the above items of software, the latter will dispose of increased power of calculation for other effects that must use the host computer or the hardware assigned to them.

The X-Spat system’s capacity to recalculate all that is necessary to reproduce the same Spatialisation, each time there is a change in the position and the number of speakers used, also creates new possibilities in terms of production if you want to use live multi-track and preserve the original sensations as much as possible, when transferring to a mass-circulation multi-track system, i.e. DVD.

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