IdolSoundLab v6.2.3
by BelaDaddy Software
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IdolSoundLab is shareware and the unregistered version has to be restarted after 3 minutes.

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Last Updated: 2016-06-06
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Software Description

IdolSoundLab is a software solution for audio file editing, recording, playing and converting.
The program contains everything you need to edit, record, convert and create great sounding audio files. There are two versions of IdolSoundLab. IdolSoundLabMini is a program without CD-player. The more advanced version called IdolSoundLab requires CD or DVD drive installed on your computer.
Supported audio file formats: CD files, Wave audio files, True audio files, Ogg audio files, Flac audio files, Monkey’s audio files, Musepack audio files, Wavpack audio files and Windows media audio files.

  • Play, cut, copy, paste and merge supported audio files.
  • Normalize the opened audio file amplitude level.
  • Remove DC signal from the opened audio file..
  • Convert Wave audio, True audio, Ogg audio, Flac audio, Monkey’s audio, Musepack audio, Wavpack audio, CD audio and Windows media audio files to another audio file format.
  • Improve the sound quality for the opened audio file with the 10 bands equalizer.
  • Capture and record sounds from your soundcard in real time, including microphone and streamed audio from internet.
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