Igor Engraver v1.7
by NoteHeads
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Operating System:
File Size: 14.1 MB
License Conditions:

Runs for a period of 30 days with all features enabled (including the Save and Print commands). Registration: $295.00 USD

System Requirements:

PowerPC (G3 or better recommended). MacOS 8.5 or later. Minimum of 32Mb of free RAM. Your computer should have at least 64MB physical RAM installed. Please note that Igor Engraver is not MacOS X compatible as yet.

Last Updated: 2003-05-12
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Igor Engraver is an extremely powerful program, and offers the professional engraver control over all aspects of the notation of music. At the same time, it is very easy to use for beginners. Cross-platform scores can be published on the Internet. And the MIDI playback is the most advanced on the market.

Changes in this version:

  • Removed old copy protection scheme
  • Added Music XML import
  • Better playback under Windows XP
  • Numerous bugs fixed

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Any idea when OSX will be catered for and where can I buy in UK - or import from US?

where can I get the free version

Can any one tell me from where can I download the last Free version of Igor for Mac ?.
I don't know whether 1.3 is the last FREE version.

Re: where can I get the free version

: Hi,
You can't! Even if you do find a copy of Igor Engraver 1.3 (the latest free version) the register date has expired anyway. It won't run because it's out of date. You'll just have to buy it.

Igor Windows Preview

I just downloaded the Windows Preview for Igor Engraver. It is a nice *free* program...but the interface is VERY clumbsy (maybe that's because it's a preview). All in all it is a good program, they just need to get the full version out (sometime before the next ice age).

Brian D.

Re: Igor Windows Preview


Yes, we agree (and actually stated on our web site) that the user interface was clumsy - the reason why we released it was to show to our thousands of Windows suporters that there was actually something going on.

Now there is also a second release available, with a much improved UI. The final version will be very much alike the Mac version (apart from Windows-specific things).

I can assure you the final version WILL be out before the next ice age (and being a Swedish company, we're very used to ice...) : ).

Thanks for your interest!

/Petter Terenius, Product Manager, NoteHeads AB

how can i find example music

How can i find example music to try in the igor viewer

Re: how can i find example music

Go to the Music Stand, found on noteheads.com.

Thanks for your interest!

/Petter Terenius, Product Manager, NoteHeads AB

Igor 1.3 is cool!

This program rocks. It is now twice as fast as 1.2. However, there are still bugs galore to be worked out. Very promising. I use it a lot.

Great concept but slow and buggy

I am impressed by the concept of IE.
However, for a production system
it is too slow and there
are too many bugs still in 1.2.

* Moving items in the piece window
crashes the program often

* Inserting Repeats crashes the program
always (infinite loop of error messages)

* MIDI real time input does not work
properly. (I guess the quantization
settings are simply ignored)

One thing I could not find is how I can
change the spacing
of staves/verses/dynamics in
*all systems* consistently.

Best regards, Joerg.

Re: Great concept but slow and buggy

Dear Joerg,

If you download Igor Engraver 1.4 (downloadable as a fully functioning demo for 30 days), you'll find a product that is very stable. If you want to, you can check out the new QuickTime movies we have posted on our web site to view some of the changes.

Thanks for your interest in Igor Engraver!

/Petter Terenius, Product Manager, NoteHeads AB

Will there ever be a windows version?

Just wondering.

Re: Will there ever be a windows version?

There is now (May 2001) a second preview release version of Igor Engraver for Windows available. It's downloadable for free from our web site. The final version shoud be out soon.

Thanks for your interest!

/Petter Terenius, Product Manager, NoteHeads AB

Igor Engraver

Downladed free Igor, but...
Could not print manual.
Can not get Igor to function.
All manual illustrations are black boxes with no illustrations..
No luck with Igor.
Is Igor worth pursuing or will it be a series of frustrations?
Jay Leonhart

Re: Igor Engraver

All support questions can be sent to support@noteheads.com.

Good luck with Igor!

/Petter Terenius, Product Manager, NoteHeads AB

Re: Igor Engraver

je désire avoirun numéro de série pour pouvoir exploiter le logiciel igor engraver 1.7

Guitar Techniques

Does Igor support midi playbak and standar notation for guitar techniques like bending, slides, artificial harmonics, natural armonics, tapping, palm mute, etc...

Re: Guitar Techniques

Actually Igor Engraver has the world's most advanced tab features, as well as playback of bendhats, and much more. Try it out 30 days for free!

/Petter Terenius, Product Manager, NoteHeads AB


I've been using IE for a couple of weeks, and it's better than anything I've used earlier. It should of course come bundled with a Mac G4, but even if you have to by the Mac separately - it's good value for your money! I'm not joking!

Igor for PCs

Can't wait to get Igor for PCs. Talk about hungry! When, when when?

Re: Igor for PCs

: Can't wait to get Igor for PCs. Talk about hungry! When, when when?

Hello David:
Igor is now available!
Take a look at htttp://www.noteheads.com
Have a nice day!


Re: Igor for PCs

We have no official date for the WIndows release, since we do not believe in fixed dates; you either fail to get a software released on that date, or you wait until the fixed date to release it...

So, we stick to "soon" - it surely _will_ be available soon.

Thanks for your patience!

Petter Terenius, NoteHeads


I spent 4 hours downnlouding the thing and then : error!

Is this normal or What? Should I really give it another 4 hours, mayby getting the same results?


Time to get a cable modem, Claes. It took me 2 minutes to download the 22Meg...

Jeffrey Agrell


Claes and others,

Thanks for your interest in Igor Engraver. Actually, you can now order Igor Engraver 1.1 on CD. All software is free; there is only a small handling and shipping charge of $14. The CD includes:

- Igor Engraver 1.1 for Macintosh
- The manual in PDF format
- Igor Engraver example files
- Igor Reader 1.01 for Windows
- A collection of Internet Publishing files

The CD kan be ordered online at


Petter Terenius, NoteHeads

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