The Incredible Drum Machine v2.4
by Midimass Software
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Operating System:
File Size: 2.18 MB
License Conditions:

Export function disabled in demo. Registration Fee - US$29,85

System Requirements:

Windows, Sound Card

Last Updated: 2004-05-01
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Software Description

The Incredible Drum Machine 2004 is a powerful editor for drumloops. The Incredible Drum Machine 2004 allow to create loops and export it into midi files. You can export your loops into mixed, or into multitrack midi files, where each drum line will occupy the one track. It will allow you effectively use loops made in Incredible Drum Machine in your favourite sequencer, for example in Cakewalk or Cubase. For the special realness of sounding the volume of each drum line is established separately using the built-in mixer. As any drum in partiture can sound more loudly of more silently base loudness of a track. The built-in visual partiture filter allows you to hide unnecessary cells of partiture. That allows to write music with ease in musical sizes different from 4/4. Also You can create unique broken musical sizes, used to write breakbeat music(Hip-Hop, Jungle, Drum'n'Bass, Alternative) in midi format. Unlimited length of the track allows you not only to make drumloops, but also to write complete drum parts for your songs in Incredible Drum Machine.

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Does this work with Windows

Does this work with Windows Vista?

Drumb In Base The Besr Software

Thanks Guys, I wish someone would xplain alot about torrents to me !!!

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