Indy Build 7
by Change.TV, Inc
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Last Updated: 2005-09-19
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Software Description

Indy makes it easy for you to find great new independent music. Just download Indy and double-click: as it plays songs, you rate what you hear. Indy quickly learns what you like and gets really smart about sending you more music you'll like. Let Indy help you find your place in the collective consciousness as you help other people find theirs.

The goal of Indy is to give indy musicians a great new way to promote their music, and to create a whole new way for people to discover music that they'll love.

How Indy Works

Indy uses an advanced collaborative filtering system to predict what kind of music you'll enjoy hearing. As you rate songs, Indy finds out what you do and don't like. It compares your preferences with the ratings of all the other Indy users. For example, if you rate a song highly, and another user also likes the same song, Indy guesses that you'd probably like other music that they enjoyed. As you rate more songs, Indy will gets better and better at picking songs that you'll really enjoy.

Artist music submission: For details on submitting your music to Indy visit

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