Inerthia Compressor v1.81
by the Outhouse
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Registration: EUR 90.00

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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2008-02-20
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Software Description

Inerthia Compressor is a variable VCA to Opto compressor plug-in.


  • Latency free. Zero ms Latency unless you hit the LAH ( Look A Head) 4 ms button. Then it would be 4 milliseconds LAH effectively killing any poor transient you might have had.
  • Fast Attack time from 0 ms.
  • Fast Release with PDR (Program Dependent Release).
  • Variable knee from Soft through Linear to Hard.
  • Variable character from true VCA to Opto.
  • A nice sounding Lowcut filter and Hicut filter with Q knobs so that you can add some bottom or high-end to your material. It also has a semi automatic bypass button that lets you double check what you are doing.
  • A vintage styled SClip (softclip).
  • A very broad Bandpass Side-chain that makes it easy to use as e.g. DeEsser or to get a vintage styled compression. A listen button lets your hear your sidechain signal and while that is engaged a flashing light above the Ratio knob will tell you that you are in "Listening mode".
  • A mix parameter to mix the dry signal with the compressed. Also called Parallel Compression or New York Compression.
  • A input gain Trim to adjust for low gain signals or to modify the fixed Threshold (-30dB).
  • Works at sample rate which gives nice result. Especially if you belong to the lucky few that gets to use 88.2kHz or more. The higher the sample rate the more times the new gain will be computed. At 44100 the new gain will be computed 44100 times per second. At 192kHz it will be computed 192000 times per second.
  • Two old-style VUs that can be set in 3 ways to display different things. e.g. VU 1 shows Left channel Output and VU 2 shows the Gain Reduction.
  • A variable Peak meter that displays Input, Gain Reduction and Output. It can be set to display from -60dB up to -6dB by simply dragging your mouse up and down in the Peak meter area. Watch the result in the presets area or around the meters.

New in v1.81

  • Many optimizations to the various filters. It should now use much less CPU.
  • Added a clip-meter that is quite accurate. It is ok if it flashes once or so but more then that and its clearly over the limit.
  • Changed how the mix knob was routed.
  • The LAH is now at 4 ms.
  • Finally changed the smaller knobs.
  • Fixed a bug were envelope times would change on higher sample-rates.
  • Added Opto compression as an option. It is adjusted with a knob from VCA to Opto.
  • Cleaned up a bunch of bugs in the sidechain part. v.1.66 sounded quite crappy but now its back to were it should be.
  • Remade the graphics slightly to fit the new VCA-Opto knob. Also fixed the graphics around the peak meters.
  • Moved the softclip so its placed after the sidechain listen and mono switches.
  • Modified the Release times slightly. I had previously added a 100 ms to release-time when in PDR mode.

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This one has been silently updated to version 1.92 I think. Its a really cool comp that can do some funky stuff.

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