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Last Updated: 2000-06-19
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Software Description

Inst2Midi converts your monophonic audio source straight into MIDI data. With Inst2Midi and a scoring Program your voice, clarinet, trumpet, violin, a solo with your guitar or almost any other instrument is translated via microphone into a written piece of music in real-time.

You can create a fantastic stage performance by triggering an external synthesizer or make a fast exercise setup with an internal Software Synth or get an impressive light show by triggering a MIDI light mixing desk. Inst2Midi is a serious tool for musical education. It tells you as fast as possible, if your voice is in tune, if your fingers are placed correctly on your string instrument.

MIDI is the standard for transmitting musical data which is understood by all professional electronic music devices, so the possibilities of Inst2midi are just limited by your imagination.

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Creating monophonic ringtone. (im going to die stressing over th

(Originally posted 18:26:13 4/05/06)

Please help me if you can. I am not a computer wiz. This problem I am having maybe simple but I am getting headaches over it. I purchased a software called "Data Pilot", and it states that I would be able to download music from the web and use it as a ring tone. It's not working and hasn't been for almost a year. All I want is to be able to format my audio files to sound the same way they have been recorded and put it on my cell phone. It works like a charm when I use The only problem with that is they don't have the music I want. I've used tech. support and they told me to get a program that converts mp3 to midi. I don't know if "real" ring tones are the same as midi ring tones. All I know is I did what he said and that program makes my music sound like its in a music box. THAT NOT WHAT I WANT! So, now I've stumbled upon this site and I'm hoping that there's someone out there who can relieve me of my PAIN. Please!... Pleease! Help a Brotha out.


hello store
i want to order for an dj instrument like turntable cd mixer and stage lightly 14 pices of lightly and 1 cdmixer and tell me how to pay you your payment waiting for your reply soon

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