InstaJungle v0.3
by Laurence Davies
(Laurence Davies Website)

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VST Host.

Last Updated: 2005-11-24
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

InstaJungle will let you slice beats on the fly, and let you play back different slices in the buffer with just the movement of a slider or the twist of a knob. It works best with a midi controller.

New in this version

  • Added the option to change between two freeze modes - past and future. 'Past' is the old but still good way.
    'Future' will start the buffer when the button is pressed, and continue recording until it is full.

  • Made the audio in the buffer always synced, so no matter when you
    freeze and unfreeze the buffer, the audio will never be out of sync.

  • Made the parameter values displayed in the host a little more useful.
  • Fixed some compatibility problems which affected Plogue Bidule, Cubase
    and FLStudio.
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