iTunes 11.0.1
by Apple Computer Inc
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Operating System:
File Size: 93.0 MB
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System Requirements:

Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, 32-bit editions of Windows Vista, or 32-bit editions of Windows 7 64-bit editions of Windows Vista or Windows 7 require the iTunes 64-bit installer

Last Updated: 2012-12-15
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Software Description

iTunes lets you do the things your geekier friends are talking about, like converting music CDs to MP3 files (a.k.a. ripping), creating personal playlists, burning your own music CDs and listening to hundreds of radio stations on the Internet. iTunes lets you do all that and more.

With the friendly, intuitive interface you’ve come to expect from Apple, iTunes software makes MP3 music a truly Mac-like experience. iTunes turns your Mac into a nifty digital jukebox, one that can hold your digital music library, and that lets you play your favorite titles from your music CDs. You can also download music to your portable MP3 player and , thanks to the CD-RW drive that ships with the new Power Mac G4 , even burn your own music CDs with the click of a button.

Changes in v11.0.1

  • Bugfix for iTunes Match and iCloud issue
  • Library searching is now more responsive
  • Ability to display duplicate items within your library

Changes in v11.0

  • Redesigned player
  • Seamless integration with iCloud
  • Simpler and cleaner interface
  • Redesigned iTunes store

Changes in v10.7

  • Support for iOS 6
  • Now supports the latest iPod nano and iPod shuffle models.

New in version 10:

  • iTunes Ping: Discover new music by going social with Ping. Learn even more about your favorite artists and friends starting with their bios. See what they've been up to--even listen to 30-second previews of music they like. Find out when and where artists and bands are on tour, and check out photos and videos they've posted. With Ping, a community of the world's most passionate music fans is just a click away.
  • A la carte television: Watch what you want, when you want, without commercial interruptions, and in HD. iTunes 10 features thousands of your favorite commercial-free HD episodes available to rent for just 99¢ each. Watch TV rentals on your iPhone or iPod touch, iPad, the all-new Apple TV, or Mac or PC.1 You have 30 days from the moment you rent an episode to start watching, and 48 hours to finish it.
  • AirPlay: Tunes 10 and AirPlay make it simple to play your favorite music in any room or everywhere in your house. Without a hitch. AirPlay wireless technology will be arriving inside speakers, AV receivers, and iPod accessories--making it possible to enjoy your entire iTunes Library--every song and every playlist--in every room.
  • Apple TV: The sleek new Apple TV has been completely retuned for your entertainment. It's 80 percent smaller than the previous generation. Which makes is perfect for sitting neatly on a widescreen TV stand or squeezing into a crowded media cabinet. But don't let its size fool you. Apple TV now gives you the world's largest selection of HD movies and HD TV shows on demand.
  • Improved syncing: iTunes gives you even better ways to sync your media from your computer to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. There's a new capacity bar that tells you exactly how much space you have left on your device in real time. And it's even easier to organize all your apps on all your devices because you do it right in iTunes. Shop the App Store on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Then connect to your Mac or PC and go to your iTunes library to arrange (and rearrange) your apps and add or delete Home screens that sync back to your devices automatically.

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I updated itunes, quick time and downloaded icloud and now my Internet explorer takes forever to load and once it does I can't click on anything, it's frozen. Need help!!!!!! I have an laptop with Windows 7 and IE7.

how can i activat my iphone

how can i activat my iphone . oready i have installed itune but doesn't access it what is wrong pls help


iTunes is fucked. This is all I have to say.

I have been trying for months to try and get 10.5 working with no luck what-so-ever.
I've basically given up on it.

So much for putting music on my new iPhone 4S.

i cant reinstall itunes HELP ME PLEASE !!!

im having trouble with itunes, i had it installed awhile ago but then something went wrong it wouldn't open at all so i was told to uninstall it and all of the other apple things that were on the computer so i did that and tried to reinstall it but everytime i do this always happen, i click the download now butten then something comes up asking me if i want to save or run the file 'itunes setup' i click 'run' then downloading the downloading box comes up and it says its downloading until it gets to 100% then the box disappears and there is no trace of itunes apple and other stuff like that, ive tried clicking 'save' on the 'itunes setup' but nothing changes besides theres a file and when i click on it itunes starts downloading then it disappears all over again, please i need help

can't install the itune version 10.7 to my computer the previoua

i have lost my previous itunes and now i am unable to install the itunes to my computer Vista XP , i need itunes 10.7 version to synnch with my iphone and the ipad

Updated ITunes and many files sound like crap!

I love iTunes...but this has me ripping my hair out. I recently like an obedient little user updated to iTunes 10. All of a sudden, many of the older files in my iTunes library sound tinny, distorted, and horrible.

I have checked all my system sound options, and nothing has changed. I have reinstalled iTunes and selected "repair." I have reinstalled Quicktime. I have current virus software. I have rebooted until my eyes have crossed.

Any suggestions, before I throw my computer in the Atlantic?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

P.S. The thing worked GREAT until this update. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Ipod touch 3rd geberation

Okay so after i downloaded itunes 10, i tried to delete some songs off my ipod touch (3rd generation) and itunes wont show my summary of my ipod or whatever its called, all it shows is a white backround and is says "ipod" i tried searching for answers by looking through the internet but everything i tried so far hasnt worked for me, oh by the way i have windows XP, i only found answers for windows 7 ans vista or whatever, but yeah if anybody can help me please! i would greatly appriciate it, thanks :)

Cant dowload itunes 10

I bought an 4th generation ipod touch yesterday, tried downloading itunes 10.1 but during the dowload it rolled back and an error occured. It says i must delete all the other things i play music/dvd's with, but theyre important to my brother who doesnt want to delete them because he is the owner of this computer. Without itunes i cant use my ipod. PLEASE some one give me a answer.
I would appreciate this very much =D

With issues like this, you

With issues like this, you might want to uninstall all your previous iTunes installations. Another thing you can try is to create a new user (if you are using a Windows PC) account and try installing iTunes there. Good luck.

better then itunes, its media monkey

try mediamonkey, its free, and full of tons of features, and you can sync with your ipod!;contentMain

Downloading problem.

Not able to downdload the software. getting an error. please refer to this problem and get me solution.

Download works for me

The iTunes download works for me - you have to make sure to provide your email address though

itunes wont work

Well i download it on my 2010 toshiba satellite with windows 7 and after it downloads all my icons on my coumputer are the i tunes but they say the name of the program that was there but if you click on it itunes will pop up. Please help me

Itunes 10 and CD burning

I have iTunes 10 and am using windows 7. I have NO idea of how to burn songs onto a CD from iTunes! Any help, please?

can't download itunes 10

i still can't download itunes 10 after uninstalling all of the softwares that has something to do with the old version.i even downloaded the suggested uniblue registry cleaner found on top of this page.the message after heaps of trying to download it stated could not access network location %APPDATA%\. The installation of Quicktime did not complete successfully.itunes requires Quicktime.i even deleted all of the cookies from internet explorer. but still nothing happens.i'm usin toshiba icore3 intel windows 7.i can't use my ipad i had for christmas.


the same exact thing happened to me and i desperately need my iTunes! If you ever run into a solution please reply!

iphone 4 is not recognized by itune 10.1 for win7 32 bit

I keep geeting a message box that says iphone is not recognized because there are some files missing. please unistall itune and reinstall it. I did uninstall and reinstall so many times but i still get the same problem. please note i have win7 32 bit. please help me out.


I am no computer wizz but i am managing to run the new version of i tunes, i also use safari as my internet start up, i had problems downloading it to start with but then a friend advised me to alter the settings in my internet to allow me to download things. I am using Vista on my laptop, i also just bought an i phone 4 and it seems to down and upload things without a problem.

I have read a lot of the comments and you all seem to be cursing apple, to be honest why should they help, they are giving you something for nothing, it should be windows that you contact, after all it is there computer that is blocking the download.

I honestly know nothing about computers and i have managed it, so i am not sure what is going wrong, i downloaded my version of itunes direct from the apple website and maybe check what the settings on your spyware software is, i was using norton at the time and i was advised to get rid of it and use something else, whether that was what fixed it or not i am not sure.

I am not sure if this is of any help to anyone.

Good Luck


To be honest, no, it didn't help anyone and just because Apple give the thing away "free" doesn't absolve them of the blame. Microsoft make the Operating System so it is up to Apple to make sure they use it correctly, not Microsoft to check Apples work!
I tried all the usual..remove all the offending Apple progs, deleting Temp files, cleaning the reg etc but no good. I tried the separate QuickTime install and load an old version of iTunes but still the same and Apples "Tech Support" should be done under Trades Description cuz I knew more than they did!
So, I'm left with an iPod that's cock all use and I'm thinking "Sod you Jobs, I'm off to buy something else!".
Makes you wonder if they actually care about anything other than money anymore....

how do i downloud muic

how do i downloud muic

type the name of the song

type the name of the song into the search bar and when it comes up, find the one you want and click the "buy" button on the right side

ITunes 10 problem

Every time I download ITunes in the archive it only reaches anywhere between 80-87% complete. I have attempted to install 8 times without any luck at all. I have perfect connection, and have also attempted to install older versions with the same luck as the new ITunes 10 problem. I have also installed different drives to help combat whatever problem Apple has and have called Apple 4 times. My computer is Windows XP with Service Pack 3 installed. Can anyone help please!

Re:Itunes Problem

Ok I had the same problem before when i had Windows Vista.Before yu download anything,i would recommend run a scan or just check if whatever yu are downloading is safe to download.If that doesnt work,i would upgrade to Windows 7 Professional and download the latest version of Microsoft Security Essentials.I downloaded iTunes and didnt have any problems with the itunes download.Hope this works!!If it doesnt,sorry i got nothing.

I am having the same

I am having the same problem!! it is SO annoying!! I was trying to update the version on my computer but it wouldn't so went on troubleshooting on apple website and it said to uninstall itunes. so i did. no i don't have itunes AT ALL!! grr :(

I'm not good with computers. all i know is i have windows vista!

Itunes files issue

I have the latest Itunes download with Vista on my laptop. I have tried to add a folder to the Itunes library but when I go to select the folder from my harddrive it says there isn't any content there yet when I go into my drive it's right there. Even folders that are already on my Ipod or in the Itunes library show that I have no content there. Does anyone know what this means? Why it is happening. I have deleted my Itunes library and then set up a new one but nothing helps. There is plenty of music I want to add to the library but can't.
Thanks for any help anyone can give.

The ultimate solution

I tried downloading iTunes 10, and it failed to finish installing. The iPod service could not be started. And yes, it did disable my DVD drive until I downloaded additional software to re-install my drive. Upon contacting customer "service(??)", the pages are intentionally sluggish to load (a minute per page is typical) and I cannot send a message to customer "service(??)" as I can with Napster or Rhapsody.

Until these serious errors are permanently fixed (and yes, I am using a newer XP computer), I found the best solution is to go ahead and use Napster or Rhapsody to buy my music and Windows Media Player 11 to burn CDs. Also, I went out and bought a Sony Walkman MP3 player so I can work around the iPods. No, I am not saying Napster or Rhapsody are perfect--but at least they have real customer service for when things do go wrong. And, unless crApple stops dogging finding a solution, I am going to use Napster to buy my music and Windows Media Player to burn the CDs. Or, I can use Rhapsody to burn them--I can open Napster files using Rhapsody and add them to both libraries.

And, I refuse to ever buy another crApple product until these issues are fixed. Another issue: Videos are in M4V, so you cannot export them to a DVD and play them in your home theater. They also stutter severely, freezing every 3 or 4 minutes when played in iTunes or Quick Time. M4V will not play at all in Windows Media Player or Real Player. All of which is going to end up costing them money--I guess I will be buying my new Christmas music from Napster and/or Rhapsody instead of iTunes. Oh well, I guess crApple didn't need my $200 or so this year--hopefully they will get a nice lump of coal for Christmas.

Cant download v9.2

The download gets about halfway and than says itunes is not a valid Win32 application. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

arrrgh! mine does the same

arrrgh! mine does the same thing! did you get it right?
what did you do??

Re: Cant download v9.2

I have the same problem...what do I do?

iTunes 9.2 and XP Download Error 5000

I continue to have problems while downloading music. I keep getting err -500. All of my permissions are correct

iTunes skips and jumps while surfing on XP

When I change web pages or play a game on my XP, the song jumps around and either quits or I just take off my headphones because the songs are not decipherable. Any fix?

DVD/CD RW Problem!

Since installation of iTunes, my DVD/CD RW will not recognise any media being inserted nor can I read from explorer.

i am having the same problem

i am having the same problem its really getting on my nerves Ive been trying to burn a disk for 3 days :/

Trying to burn an audio cd from iTunes 8!

I am trying to burn an audio cd from itunes 8. Every time, it begins to burn the playlist but then quits after the first few tracks.

Sometimes it only makes it through the first track and then makes the little noise (as if it were complete) and when I try to play the cd, it plays a little bit and then freezes up the computer.

I've tried using different speeds and still I get the same problem. I've also burned CDs from windows media player and that worked just fine, so I know the problem is not with the CD burner.

Does anyone have any suggestions???

iTunes 8 doesn't burn entire playlist for Vista and freezes!

I have the exact same problem too! WMP works just fine, but iTunes won't let me burn my entire playlist. At the most it will burn three songs and then if I click on the next song that is supposed to have been burned, it freezes my laptop or just the itunes program. I have the latest version of iTunes which is 8.2 and Vista for my PC. The itunes on my desktop works just fine though, and it's XP with iTunes 7 version so I dunno if it's the new version of iTunes. I've tried reducing the speed, and allowing full control on the permissions tab under my name in the iTunes properties so I dunno what else to do, someone HELP!!!

I have itunes 8.2 and vista

I have itunes 8.2 and vista also. I have also tried different speeds and nothing seems to work. And I used to have itunes 7 on a desktop computer; I burnt numerous cds with no problem. I am fed up with itunes!!! Do you know of any other programs to purchase music and burn audio cd's?

I have exactly the same problem!

I have exactly the same problem. It only seems to have started happening recently and the tracks when burnt seem to have times of several hours when they should only be a few minutes long.

Editing Song

Running iTunes 8 on Windows 7 and iTunes will not allow me to edit song info anymore - it's just not an option. Anyone else experiencing this?

Yeah same here on win7 and

Yeah same here on win7 and itunes 10...what was the solution?

Unable to downoad iTunes!

I have window vista 32 bit and am unable to downoad itunes, I get as far as run then nothing. I have turned off my pop up blockers.

Any suggestions ?

Itunes not dowloading with Vista 32 Bit

I am having the same issue, its timing out and we have just purchased iphone 4 as well and its frustrating... Any Ideas

I have upgraded internet explorer, the lastest windows up dates and nothing..

Tried running the dos method and it didnt work, tried setting up administrator account and that didnt work either
Please help?

iTunes on Windows Vista

I have the same problem as you. Can't manage to download it onto my computer. After I click 'run' nothing happens. Did you get a solution to this as yet. If so please lemme know

Same problem here. Really

Same problem here. Really irritated as I've just splashed out £600 for the iphone 4. Not good.

An Error occured while installing itunes 8.1

When I installed itunes I had noticed while installing in progress, the progress bar is rolling back then after I install the itunes 8.1, I run the program and then there is a Warning sign that the itune was not properly installed. I tried to reinstall 10 times but it happened again.. How can I resolve this. please give us some assistance. Thank you in advance.

Why wont it download?

Every time I try to download it says "not valid with Win32" Please help without itunes I can't download music!

Re: Why wont it download?

This page might help you:

Can't burn a CD!

I have Windows Vista and I can't burn a cd from itunes. I've tried the 17 step process suggested by itunes to change my upper filter but it's not working

Try this... Stop the CD/DVD

Try this...

Stop the CD/DVD drive using the 'safely remove hardware' icon.....physically remove the drive.....shutdown windows.

Before rebooting, reinstall the drive.

Also, iTunes 8 seems to be very finicky about the max file size or the minutes on an audio CD when burning. Also, the playlist doesn't display in minutes when over 60 minutes....duh! reads like '1.2 hours' and is not very sensitive to adding or removing from the playlist.

Good luck!

iTunes 8: If Windows Vista displays a blue screen error message

After installing iTunes 8 for Windows, some users may see a blue screen error message when connecting iPhone or iPod to a Windows Vista computer. In some cases, the computer may immediately restart when connecting iPhone or iPod to the computer.

If you are experiencing this symptom, please refer to the following kbase article for further information and resolution:

iTunes 8 for Vista 32 bit

When trying to download iTunes 8 keep getting error message:

'There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.'

What does this mean? Have downloaded all Windows updates. Already have iTunes 7 but want to upgrade to 8.

Am running Vista 32bit. Want to keep my files I have from version 7.

Any suggestions?????

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