by Maxim digital audio
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Operating System:
File Size: 27K
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

VST host program such as Cubase, Logic

Last Updated: 2001-03-01
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description


  • 2 fixed oscillators (Mix selectable between 100:0 to 50:50) & Noise
  • Oscillator tune +-24 semitones
  • Resonant filter (Controllable by Env/LFO/Velocity)
  • ADSR for VCF & Amp/Env
  • Glide - 6 modes (Poly, P-Legato, P-Glide, Mono, M-Legato, M-Glide)
  • LFO
  • Vibrato
  • Synth tuning +-2 Octaves
  • Low CPU usage
  • Default bank of 52 patches
  • No GUI
  • Free

In this version:

  • Fixed hanging notes in the new version of Logic
  • Reduced glitches when the polyphony limit is reached
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