by Cornel Huth

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Last Updated: 1995-02-16
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Software Description

Audio system for DOS, including SB, PAS, OPL2/3, Roland MPU-401, Rio, Maui, GUS w/patch caching (including SuperCache), and AWE. For most audio cards. Full MIDI playback processing. Includes Info on OS/2 use.

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You have a problem

Jaleo is just an application. I´m a ex-componet of Jaleo team work. Jaleo digital Posproduction software.
www.sgo.es and do click on the star.

This site

This site lists a bunch of MIDI Players, but the info is so limited and sparse.

Re: This site

Thanks for that really informative followup there lenn. That told me a lot about this software. Fuckin' idiot.

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