JambaLaya 1.3.4
by Freak Show Enterprises
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Last Updated: 2010-10-07
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Software Description

JambaLaya is an AU host designed for live performance. Size the rainbow colored bars to set up keyboard splits and layers. Eight mixer channels can take either audio input or virtual instrument as the sound source and provide four insert effects. This allows guitar and bass players to jack in and take advantage of great amp emulations.

JambaLaya also supports external hardware synthesizers by sending MIDI patch change information when switching songs, putting your virtual instruments and legacy hardware on an equal footing in your rig.

Songs can be arranged into sets by dragging. MIDI learn is extensively supported for switching songs and mixer controls. JambaLaya also replaces your 'fake book' by storing a chunk of styled text with each song and displaying them in the lyrics view.

JambaLaya is for players. There is no support for recording or sequencing.

Change log:

  • 1.3.4: A bug fix for the bug fix for Snow Leopard.
  • 1.3.3: Snow Leopard broke the display of Audio Unit user interfaces that are written in Carbon. It has taken a bit of time to hunt down a solution. 1.3.3 is it. Cocoa Audio Units worked fine.
  • 1.3.3 also includes enhancements that add a level of hierarchy to the Instrument and Effects menus that groups plugins by manufacturer. This reduces clutter for people who have a lot of plugins.
  • 1.3.1 Apart from several performance tuning improvements, version 1.3.1 has a new preference "Automatic Mute on Zero Volume". When enabled, sliding a channel fader to zero will mute the track and the instrument on the track will stop consuming processor cycles. Also included are several improvements in the behavior of the mute button to work around problems with some Native Instruments plugs. As always, be sure to test it out before taking it to a gig.
  • 1.3.0 Key features include better support for Cocoa based Audio Units with resizable windows (Apple Delay Unit for instance), a fix for saving under Snow Leopard where documents that contained songs without lyrics or notes would fail to save cryptically, and a fix for a crashing on exit problem introduced with new application termination behavior.
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