Jamstix 3.6
by Rayzoon Technologies
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Operating System:
File Size: 56 MB
License Conditions:

Random audio noise, very limited stock kit (reduced layers, sounds and articulations), no XL sounds, MIDI output and export set all notes to 'Kick' and some 'Save' functions are disabled. Full version $99

System Requirements:

P3 or Athlon 500MHz CPU (2GHz+ recommended), 512MB RAM, 500MB free hard drive space, VSTi 2.0 compliant host.

Last Updated: 2014-07-04
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Jamstix is a virtual drum software which emulates a drummer within your sequencer/host. Other drum machines give static MIDI patterns, Jamstix on the other hand features a real time human simulation, like having a drummer, it even has the calculation of the time a drummers arm moves from drum A to drum B. This limits the sequence you can create to only grooves that can be achieved by 2 handed humans. It also allows for unique grooves and variations since the drum grooves are created based on rules and not on static patterns.

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New in 3.6.0
New in 3.6.0

  • added 64-bit AAX format, RTAS no longer supported
  • enhanced audio jam behavior and response control
  • enhanced save times for projects with large number of parts
  • enhanced import dialog for groove importer and MIDI import menu items
  • implemented MIDI drag-&-drop to host
  • MIDI files can be dragged from Explorer onto free brain space to create a groove importer for the file
  • added 400 grooves from Jamstix 1 as 'Jamstix 1' styles
  • added 201 fills from Jamstix 1 to 'fills' folder for use with 'Load Fill' (bar menu)
  • added link to PDF manuals to song menu
  • added BFD3 kits and key maps
  • added GM MIDI ONLY kits
  • added 'MIDI OUTPUT ONLY' option to 'Add To Kit' context menu
  • Jamcussion kit load dialog now excludes 'Empty' kits and shows contents of 'Jamcussion' folder directly
  • 'Add Cymbal Wash' now uses Crash #2 instead of Crash #4
  • AUTO SAVE now defaults to new mode EXIT, which automatically stores a "LAST" revision point on exit
  • revisions filter is no longer affected by song name changes
  • added Expand/Collapse buttons to kit load dialog
  • audio jam settings are now saved globally
  • various bugfixes

New in 3.50

  • Added native 64-bit VST support.
  • Added native 32-bit RTAS support.
  • Improved Pak installer that supports installing multiple files at once.
  • Improved AVLM sample selection logic.
  • Cosmetic user interface changes.
  • Improved mouse wheel support.
  • Brain randomizer no longer affects feel settings.
  • Optional song builder structure entry dialog box (for hosts that always intercept keystrokes).
  • Sub-hosting removed, use MIDI routing with new key map support instead.

New in 3.5 Beta

  • Native 64-bit VST host support.
  • 32-bit RTAS support for Pro Tools.
  • Updated graphical interface.
  • AudioM8 replaced with direct audio input analysis.
  • Sub-hosting removed due to complexities with future OS X and RTAS support, use MIDI Out instead.

New in 3.3.0

  • Better interface load time
  • Bugfix for 64-bit OS instability
  • New licensing system

  • Drumset mode changes
  • Added 'Open Hihat' to brain element menu
  • 'Save Groove As Style' added
  • 'New Part - Create Intro'
  • Added jamstix3.ini option 'AlwaysSync'
  • 'Power' brain knob changes

New in 3.2.0

  • The current bar can now be changed by clicking on the bar timeline, while in preview loop.
  • Velocity offset for Jamcussion was added. While in JC mode, hold ALT and the song power knob will show this offset. Turn the knob for adjustments..
  • Can now do a 'Send Whole Kit To MIDI Channel' function to kit menu.
  • 'Position-Based Dampening' was added to the kit menu.
  • The 'Global Actions' within the song menu can now enable/disable start crash and end crash fills
  • The menus of Sound Selection now show related kit piece name
  • BAR and Auto settings now save globally
  • List brain elements were added to the menu
  • Other bug fixes and new features are listed at Jamstix 3 website.

New in 3.1.0

  • Various fixes for 64-bit hosts.
  • Improved kit loading speed.
  • Fixed freeze pauses while loading kit pieces and playing.
  • Fixed ASIO overloads with GUI open for some users.
  • Fixed intermittent CPU overloads for Cantabile users.
  • The bar editor now allows full editing in preview mode.
  • Kit piece hit animation is now also active in 'MIDI Out Only' mode.
  • Multi-select in the bar editor now shows selection while dragging.
  • Fixed JS staying as top window when mousewheel support is on.
  • Pasting fill settings and style/drummer now works with multiple selected parts.

New in 3.0.2

  • Added 'Compact Interface' support (930x600)
  • GUI performance improvements
  • Added Toontrack mappings provided by The_B
  • Song builder now automatically assigns liveloop trigger notes
  • Song builder now avoids parts with the exact same name
  • Song builder now stores part and chorus length selections
  • Mousewheel now alters velocity of selected bar editor events (hihat opening if CTRL is held)
  • Added option to control pitch naming convention
  • Locked notes now take priority over non-locked notes on the same tick
  • Left-click on part in liveloop mode now triggers a part change
  • Right-click on an event in the bar editor, when no other events are selected, opens content menu for that sound
  • Fixed velocity map saving
  • Fixed event pasting in Compact GUI mode
  • Fixed events accumulating with repeated copying
  • Fixed song looping option
  • Fixed lock up when using brain accent randomizer or accent list arrows with certains styles or players
  • Fixed downbeat events sometimes missing in MIDI export/drag&drop when using medium or high latency
  • Fixed access violation when using 'Install Pak' or 'Load Plugin DLL' with 64-bit OS on certain system configurations

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Jamstic 2 works fine for me.

Please , i know and

Please , i know and understand the hard work, but i`ve no money.
Let me know if are a small free version off your GREAT soft.
I`m just a old man, love playin guitar, a lotta times divorced from my wife`s, and my guitar, now i keep my guitar, impossible playing guitar with young people, I`ve
tried your demo is all that i need, the bass, well i can play it on my computer keyboard.
I`m just a old rocker and roller, spending my time with my computer and my old strat.
Jamstix is a great soft to jamming (i love jam)
Best Regards

Jamstix not workign with Ninjam?

Ninjam forum reports that Jamstix doesn't work with Ninjam.
Is this true?

Re: Jamstix not workign with Ninjam?

Jamstix 2 should work fine with Ninjam. Try the demo version and if there are problems contact us on the Rayzoon forum (http://rayzoon2.com/forum/)

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