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Last Updated: 2003-09-01
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Software Description

Jfuse allows you to merge Media Files together, split them into smaller files, and provides an organizational interface to keep track of all of your media files with the ability to play them through your favorite media player.

The merging feature allows you put movie files together so they can be viewed as one complete clip. It will combine the smaller files together to make one large file. Most video content is presented on the web in several smaller, sequential clips. Jfuse eliminates the need to have to view a movie in ten or fifteen different parts. JFuse is compatible with both MPEGs and AVIs.

JFuse also splits large media files into smaller files. Simply choose the file you want to split, select the number of files it should be split into, and give them a base name, and click a button. It is an extremely quick and simple way to split files for galleries, storage issues, or any other reason. Splitting is compatible with MPEG and MP3s.

Keeping track of where you have different movies or songs on your computer can be difficult. JFuse provides a merge history/favorites interface that plays the selected media files with a single click. Files resulting from a merge operation are automatically added to the list as well as any file you wish to import. You can also scan directories on you hard drive for certain types of files and automatically add them to the History. This is extremely helpful for keeping all of your files from Peer to Peer programs together, as well as all of your favorite movie files.

JFuse provides a graphical interface that makes usage very easy. To merge files, choose the files in the order you wish to combine them, and click on the "Merge Files" button and choose a location and name for your new file. You can also view the newly created file through your favorite media player.

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